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Does The Flash Have a Post-Credits Scene?

This weeks Your Nerd Side Show:

One of the things fans were concerned about with TheFlash was how it'd pave the road for the future of the DC Universe. This film, in particular, has had a long, turbulent road. It's gone from struggling to find a director to dealing with Ezra Miller's legal issues to now having to adjust the Flashpoint arc so it can reboot what Zack Snyder started with Man of Steel.

Well, it's certainly a wild, bombastic ride as Miller's Barry Allen hops through time. And make no mistake: it does hit the reset button for James Gunn and Peter Safran to tell their "Gods and Monsters" journey. But interestingly, with the finale more or less completing the creative shift, fans do want to know if there's a post-credits scene adding more to the narrative and end of an era.

The Flash Has One Post-Credits Scene

These tacked-on sequences are something studios love, hyping the future of many franchises. Marvel movies made these stingers popular again, using them to assemble the Avengers for the war against Thanos. In time, the DC movies followed suit with the Shazam! movies teasing Mister Mind, and then a partnership with Amanda Waller's Task Force X.

That's not to say all comic book movies employ them because the recent Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse had no post-credits. Still, popcorn flicks like The Super Mario Bros. had one, while Fast X used an additional scene to bring Luke Hobbs back. It's all proof this Hollywood fad is here to stay, rewarding fans who sit through the roll of creatives. While one might think The Flash's ending wraps it all up, there is a post-credits at the very end. So, audiences shouldn't rush to the concession stands or the exits unless they want to miss some more DC fun.

What to Expect in The Flash

The Flash will see Barry working through the timestream to save his mom's life and get that sense of family he lost when she was murdered and his dad was wrongfully sent to jail. From the trailers, he'll be affecting the past, present and future, creating a new world where he eventually needs help. He'll have to recruit Michael Keaton's version of Batman and work to free Sasha Calle's Supergirl. It's all part of the resistance against Michael Shannon's General Zod, who's back in this new realm, seeking to take Earth for his Kryptonians.

What's interesting is fans have no clue which other heroes will appear as reality frays, and Barry wrestles with guilt over the consequences of his actions. Ben Affleck's Batman will be present as well, and it's obvious DC will be hiding more cameos. It does present a challenge in how they'll all be worked in organically, who'll live and die, and what choices the Scarlet Speedster makes along the way. But what's for certain is the electrifying hype is growing as fans gear up for the shocking reboot of the DC movies.

To find out what the post-credits have in store, The Flash opens in theaters on June 16.

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