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Doctor Who Announces a Massive Story Arc Spanning Comics, Video Games and Novels

Doctor Who announced "Doom's Day," a new multi-platform adventure that is set to broaden the world of the classic sci-fi series.

Revealed by the official Doctor Who website, Doom's Day will celebrate the franchise's 60th anniversary and will introduce fans to a brand new character, the titular Doom. Played by stand-up and sketch comedian Sooz Kempner, Doom is described as the universe's greatest assassin who seeks to avoid the "ever-approaching Death" by finding The Doctor and asking for his help. In doing so, she'll have to travel through time and space with the help of her vortex manipulator but she only has 24 hours to pulll off her most important mission yet. "Doom's Day" will be told through a variety of mediums, including comic books, a novel, audio programming and even video games.

"To be part of the Doctor Who universe, a British institution up there with cups of tea and James Bond, is surreal and amazing!" Kempner said of her casting. "I love everything about Doom and can’t believe I get to travel across time and space with her." Current showrunner Russell T Davis emphasized the scale of "Doom's Day," noting that the endeavor is "expanding the world of Doctor Who into brand new territories. Beware the Doom’s Day, it’s coming for us all."

Who's Involved in Doom's Day?

Further details on the project remain scarce at the time of writing but the announcement does confirm that Doctor Who enthusiasts can look forward to Doom coming across "a number of fan-favorite characters." The entire adventure is planned to begin in 2023 and will involve the likes of Doctor Who Magazine, Titan Comics, Penguin Random House, East Side Games, Big Finish and BBC Audio, all of whom will be adding to Doom's saga.

"Doom's Day" is just one of the franchise-growing projects Russell has in mind for Doctor Who. The writer and director, who is returning to helm the series' fourteenth season, has openly acknowedleged his fondness for spinoffs and his desire to build on the franchise. "I thought the streaming platforms are ready, the spin-offs are ready; I always believed in spin-offs when I was there. I did Torchwood as a spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures as a spin-off. Those spin-offs declined when I left, and I can see why." Doctor Who's "Doom's Day" event does not yet have a solid start date. Source: Doctor Who

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