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Disney's Peter Pan and Wendy Remake Reportedly Casts Newcomer Alyssa Alook as Tiger Lily

Disney’s Peter Pan and Wendy remake has reportedly cast Alyssa Alook as Tiger Lily in the project. The Illuminerdi actually reported of the indigenous actress signing on. The movie was set to film in April before the coronavirus pandemic really threw everything into chaos. The newcomer joins Yara Shahidi, who was recently tapped for Tinker Bell. Also in the mix is Jude Law as the enigmatic Captain Hook. Another week brings another actress to round out Director David Lowery’s cast and the efforts to smooth over some of the rougher edges of the Peter Pan tale have to be noted. Toby Halbrooks is helping Lowry with the scriptwriting process. With Disney making some big changes to their business structure this week, it will be interesting to see where Peter Pand and Wendy eventually ends up.

Peter Pan and Wendy has traveled a long way to get tot this moment. Lowery previously told EW about his excitement for the project in 2018. Some fans might be understandably worried about narrative fatigue. After all, the same story being told repeatedly could be a concern. But, the director sees the continued reboots and retellings as proof that Peter Pan transcends the times and remains relevant for a large number of viewers.

"There’s a lot of expectations for a Peter Pan movie because people love it. And there’s also the fact there’s a lot of Peter Pan movies, and so I just want to make sure that if we make this one — I know Disney feels the same way — if we’re going to make this one, let’s make it right," Lowery remembered two years ago. "It has to be personal to me. It also has to be the kind of movie that people who love the original Peter Pan movie are going to love. And that’s why I’m still agonizing over every little detail on it."

He continued, "You’re just like constantly, saying, 'Okay, culturally what works now?' Something as simple as taking the guns out of the pirates’ hands changes like a lot of beats from the classic Disney movie. I mean, Captain Hook has a lot of funny scenes with his pistol. The original Peter Pan movie’s obviously horribly racist, and so that will have to go out the window. Anyway, I can go on all day about it, but my point is is that when I finish it, it will be good."

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