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Captain America 4 Pics Reveal Anthony Mackie's New Costume

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Photos taken from the set of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster Captain America: New World Order reveals fans' first glimpse at Anthony Mackie's new threads.

The shots, which quickly made their way to Twitter, show Anthony Mackie sporting a redesigned costume that still incorporates the iconic red lens he first donned during his tenure as The Falcon. The body includes a much darker aesthetic, one that prominently features a navy blue torso with red and grey armor pieces across the shoulders and collarbones. The Cap's white star has also been replaced with a gold star surrounded by various highlights. It remains unknown if Mackie's latest costume is a permanent change or whether the outfit is donned for a specific sequent in New World Order.

While Sam's new outfit appears to be a variant of the Captain America suit he first wore in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the wings aren't visible in photos. It's also worth noting that the golden symbol appears to have no direct comic book connection, suggesting the costume is an MCU original.

New World Order, Old Super Friends

Fans may have their first glimpse of Mackie's updated crimefighting wardrobe but further details on New World Order's story are largely still unknown. Marvel Studios has confirmed the return of several major characters, including multiple familiar faces from The Incredible Hulk such as Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) and Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson) who is expected to fully embrace his alter-ego The Leader. A separate collection of set photos confirmed the scientist, who was exposed to Bruce Banner's blood, is seemingly turning green although his head had yet to grow.

Many fans suspect The Leader will be the main antagonist of New World Order, but reports suggest a sinister organization may also feature prominently as an antagonist. The Serpent Society is heavily rumored to oppose Sam Wilson but to what end remains unclear. The most recent batch of images suggests the group will feature in the film with WWE superstar Seth Rollins donning a costume that evokes the image of a snake. It's currently unknown which member of the Serpent Society Rollins is playing.

Captain America: New World Order is slated to hit theaters on 3 May, 2024.

Source: Twitter

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