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Capcom Seemingly Used Adobe Stock Image for Street Fighter 6 Logo

Following the highly-anticipated announcement of Street Fighter 6, fans are convinced that the game's redesigned logo is simply a tweaked Adobe Stock image.

Identified by Ars Technica's Aurich Lawson, Street Fighter 6's logo bears a striking similarity to a design available in the Adobe Stock image store. Capcom's rebranding uses slightly sharper angles and a thicker border, but the overall style and shape of the logo are instantly recognizable. Created by a user known only as xcoolee, the logo can only be accessed with an extended license which costs $80. Capcom has yet to address the controversy around the new logo, which represents a drastic change from Streety Fighter's iconic typography.

Speaking to IGN, creator xcoolee has confirmed that they are looking into selling the exclusive rights to the logo to Capcom. A price was not disclosed and it's currently unknown whether the video game publisher is expressing interest in the deal. Given the possibility that the logo used in the teaser trailer is simply a placeholder before the final design is approved, it could be the case that a more traditional logo will be presented in the future.

While fans expressed excitement at the announcement of a new Street Fighter, many were disappointed with the rebrand. The iconic yellow and red logo has been a staple of the franchise since the original game launched in arcades in 1987.

Capcom unveiled Street Fighter 6 with a stylish teaser trailer highlighting what appears to be an older, more hardened Ryu. The footage sees the series' champion going up against newcomer Luke, who many believe to be the bridge between the fifth and sixth games. Beyond a recognizable evolution of the art style utilized in recent entries, fans are hoping that the detailed characters models are reflective of gameplay, a detail that has yet to be clarified.

Street Fighter is one of Capcom's most beloved franchises, largely known for setting the standard for 2D fighting games, with Street Fighter 2 establishing many design principles that are still used in the genre. Beyond the video games, the series has been adapted into a variety of different mediums including comic books, an animated TV show and even a cult-classic live-action film.

Street Fighter 6 doesn't yet have a release window but Capcom has promised fans more information this summer.

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