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A Major Spider-Man Villain Has Begun to Kill All Mutants

The following contains major spoilers for X-Force #32, available now from Marvel Comics.

Kraven the Hunter has made his way to Krakoa and has begun killing mutants in Marvel's X-Force #32.

X-Force #32 comes from writer Benjamin Percy, artist Robert Gill, color artist Guru-eFX and letterer VC's Joe Caramagna. In the ongoing X-Force storyline, Kraven the Hunter has decided to make it his mission to hunt down mutants after Proegnitor came to life and forced everyone on Earth to justify their existence in Marvel's ongoing Judgment Day storyline. Assuming that removing some of the fiercest warriors on the planet will justify him in the eyes of the cosmic deity, Kraven is accompanied by the severed head of Deadpool/Wade Wilson in the early parts of his mission; although, Kraven eventually loses the Merc with a Mouth's head while on the island.

Kraven's Presence on Krakoa Doesn't Go Unnoticed

Kraven wastes little time upon his arrival in Krakoa, as he first destroys a number of mutant resurrection eggs. "Their ability to infinitely replicate their bodies makes their existence thinned-out and meaningless," the Spider-Man villain narrates. "I will make them feel truly stealing away their safety net." Once finished, Kraven begins killing whoever is unfortunate to be walking around, including Maggott and Icarus (not to be confused with the Eternals' Ikaris). Moments before killing Icarus, Kraven demands to know who the island's most dangerous warrior might be. "So far, I am disappointed in the mutants," he narrates. "How is this the most powerful group of individuals on the planet? I feel as though I'm stalking a petting zoo."

Icarus points Kraven to Wolverine, who Kraven then decides will be his "prize." While Wolverine is just making his way back from the North Pole, Kraven decides to lure his foe out by kidnapping Beast/Hank McCoy and leading him into the Shadow Room. Thanks to some clues left behind by Deadpool, the mutants realize their island is being invaded -- not by the Eternals, but another foe -- and send Wolverine to check it out. The issue ends with Wolverine walking into the Shadow Room, finding Kraven is the one behind the massacre and then finding himself in a projected version of the Savage Lands. Kraven is also there and declares the hunt has begun as Beast is left running for his life. "His [Beast's] hide will make a nice rug laid before the hearth of my hunting lodge," Kraven taunts. "Will you [Wolverine] be able to stop me? Or the great reptiles that haunt this place?"

X-Force #32 features cover art by Joshua Cassara and Dean White and variant cover art by Peach Momoko. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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