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A Live-Action Marvel Zombies Project May Be in Development

Marvel Zombies recently found new undead life thanks to Marvel Studios' Disney+ series What If...? According to Mark Millar, however, a live-action project may also be in the works.

In Millar's newsletter, the writer discussed Marvel Zombies on the heels of the latest What If...? episode, footnoting an anecdote about the original story by writing, "(if my sources are correct) a little live-action Marvel Zombies further down the line, but you never heard that from me."

The original Marvel Zombies was a five-issue limited series written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Sean Phillips that ran from December 2005-April 2006. Spinning out of Ultimate Fantastic Four and set in an alternate universe (Earth-2149), the series saw the various heroes and villains transformed into flesh-eating zombies thanks to a virus from another dimension. It went on to spawn several sequels (including a crossover with Dynamite Entertainment's Army of Darkness) and tie-ins, and it was most recently in 2020 with Marvel Zombies: Resurrection.

As for the aforementioned What If...? episode, the plot involved various members of the Avengers becoming zombies after Hank Pym discovered Janet van Dyne had been infected by a virus in the Quantum Realm. Naturally, Pym became infected as well, and he passed the virus on to Scott Lang, which snowballed into a full-fledged zombie apocalypse. Other Marvel mainstays featured in the episode include Hulk, Black Panther, Vision, Winter Soldier, Wasp, Okoye, Spider-Man and Captain America, among others.

Millar isn't the only writer to recently tip fans off as to what the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may hold. In August, Jim Shooter implied that Marvel Studios is developing a live-action Secret Wars project. "This one clown called me from Marvel," he explained. "He wasn't an editor, but some executive of property management which was a little odd. He asked me if I wanted to write a novelization of Secret Wars."

"This means you're making a movie, right?" Shooter asked Marvel's David Bogart. "I'm not allowed to tell you that," Bogart reportedly replied, to which Shooter said, "Well, I think you just did."

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