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A Cosmic God Offered Daredevil His Sight - And The Hero Refused

During a tie-in to the major Marvel crossover event Secret Wars II, The Beyonder hired Nelson and Murdock: Attorneys At Law in an effort to legally and ethically acquire the entire planet. Originally published in 1985’s Daredevil #223, The Man Without Fear is given his sight back by the omnipotent Beyonder as payment for these prospective legal services. Something The Beyonder might not have anticipated however, was Matt’s rejection of this gift.

After Matt walks out of the initial meeting with The Beyonder, Foggy Nelson accepts the caseand retainer on behalf of the firm which prompts The Beyonder to track down Matt’s whereabouts. While observing Matt from above, the being recognizes that he has reservations about taking on the case and is not going to be persuaded by money. This leads him to consider a different, more mystical form of payment to offer to Matt.

While in the middle of confronting a low-level thief, The Beyonder grants Daredevil his vision back unannounced, which disorients Matt and causes him to fall into a vat of chemicals. As he emerges astonished with his returned ability to see, he quickly realizes this was the work of The Beyonder. Initially the Man Without Fear is enthralled by the visionary world around him and is distracted by the sheer amount of visual input he’s experiencing. However, Murdock realizes that surprisingly he can’t make his way around the city as easily as he did without his sight. This leads to a clash between his super-senses and his newly-gifted sight as Matt is seemingly overwhelmed with information.

After spending the night exploring the city and becoming increasingly enamoured with all the surrounding sights, Matt comes to a sobering realization while atop of the Empire State Building. The Man Without Fear is confronted with the fact that this gift is too much for him to bear. He knows that the longer he has his sight back, the more he becomes attached to it, even stating that he would possibly do anything to keep it. This intense attachment would jeopardize his innate and unmatched sense of justice and he demands The Beyonder take back his “retainer.”

Daredevil has always been known for his strong will and ability to read a situation, and this case is no exception. Even when presented with a gift that means everything to him, he is still able to recognize the key elements that make him such an extraordinary hero. By refusing the ultimate gift, he is committing to his profound perception of justice and protecting its integrity. It is a very telling moment for Daredevil as it reveals that not only is he aware of what makes him uniquely effective as a hero, but that he is also completely devoted.

Even though The Beyonder offered to let Matt keep his sight despite their deal falling through, Daredevil's forceful rejection illustrates his natural impulse to do the right thing. The Beyonder presented Matt with a very difficult decision to make, but the sheer volume of incoming information proved to be a detrimental distraction for the hero. While this story was not a major part of Secret Wars II, the tie-in shines a compelling light on Daredevil's staunch commitment to his role as the protector of Hell's Kitchen.

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