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Titans Gives Red Kryptonite a New Power in the Series Finale

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The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 12, "Titans Forever," streaming now on HBO Max.

The Titans series finale just introduced red kryptonite to the titular team's universe, and its effects are unlike those seen in other DC Comics-inspired media.

As depicted in Titans Season 4, Episode 12, "Titans Forever," red kryptonite has the power to resurrect deceased Kryptonians. This is demonstrated when Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Brenton Thwaites) injects Conner Kent/Superboy (Joshua Orpin) with the crimson-hued radioactive element and Conner is alive and well again in mere hours. In Titans' comic book source material, red kryptonite is typically depicted as inflicting strange physical transformations or behavioral shifts on Kryptonians that last for days or even weeks. This portrayal of red kryptonite has carried over to virtually every other DC adaptation, which makes Titans' take on the substance all the more noteworthy.

The HBO Max series' fanbase is unlikely to quibble the revisionist red kryptonite in the Titans series finale, though, considering it's responsible for reversing Superboy's death in the previous episode. Conner was fatally wounded during a climactic showdown with Brother Blood (Joseph Morgan) in Titans Season 4, Episode 11, "Project Starfire," despite arming himself with a magical orb to counter Brother Blood's supernatural powers. Fortunately for fans, Nightwing's timely intervention in "Titans Forever" earned Conner the chance to return and wrap up his story with a happy ending -- something star Joshua Orpin also seems overjoyed about. Orpin weighed in on his character's Season 4 arc in a recent interview, describing himself as "immensely satisfied" with how it played out.

Superman (Sort Of) Appears in Titans S4

The culmination of Superboy's Titans journey includes a brief cameo by his father, Superman, who shows up to give Conner flying lessons before the credits roll. This represents the fulfillment of what was arguably Titans devotees' biggest wish for the HBO Max show's final batch of episodes: a guest appearance by the Man of Steel. However, the scene itself doesn't necessarily unfold the way many fans imagined it, as Superman's red boots are the only part of the iconic superhero visible in the frame. This is in keeping with the Last Son of Krypton's cameos in other DC projects (including the HBO Max series Peacemaker), where his face isn't shown.

That said, fans would've seen much more of another DC hero in Titans Season 5, had HBO Max opted not to cancel the series instead. According to Stargirl actor Brec Bassinger, her guest appearance in Titans Season 4 was meant to set up a crossover between the two shows, as part of Stargirl's axed, multiverse-centric fourth season.

Source: HBO Max

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