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The Munsters: The Rob Zombie Reboot's First Trailer Reveals a Major Change

The teaser trailer for The Munsters is here, and it reveals a major change director Rob Zombie made to the upcoming reboot's spooky source material.

The final shot of the teaser confirms that The Munsters is in full color. This marks a dramatic shift from the 1960s sitcom that inspired the movie, which was filmed entirely in black and white. That said, footage shown earlier in the teaser embraces The Munsters' monochromatic roots by faithfully recreating the original sitcom's black and white opening credits sequence. This even extends to the performances by stars Jeff Daniel Phillips (Herman Munster), Sheri Moon Zombie (Lily Munster) and Daniel Roebuck (Grandpa), which closely mirror those of their small screen predecessors.

While The Munsters teaser makes it official that the reboot is in color and not black and white, previous sneak peeks shared by Zombie already hinted that this change was likely. The director recently shared a photo of Phillips in his full Herman Munster makeup and costume, confirming that the actor did indeed sport the iconic character's sickly green skin on set. Even so, it still remained unclear whether the finished film would be shown in color or black and white.

Zombie also posted behind-the-scenes Munsters footage captured at a cemetery which further fueled speculation the reboot would screen in full color. The brief clip showed Moon Zombie having her makeup retouched between takes, and the obvious care taken to achieve Lily Munster's pallid complexion hinted that the production was eschewing the monochrome aesthetic of the 1960s sitcom. However, as this footage wasn't recorded for inclusion in the film itself, fans couldn't conclusively say that The Munsters wasn't in black and white at that point.

Despite the switch to full color, The Munsters intends to recapture the aesthetic of the original TV show as accurately as possible. Zombie previously spotlighted the movie's spot-on recreation of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the gothic mansion that Herman, Lily and the rest of the Munster Family call home.

The reboot will apparently ape the family-friendly tone of its source material as well, based on recent reports that The Munsters landed a PG-13 rating. This would mark a filmmaking milestone for Zombie, as his previous films have all been rated R.

The Munsters does not yet have a release date. It is currently set to screen in theaters and stream on Peacock simultaneously.

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