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The Bad Batch: What's Next for Clone Force 99?

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The Bad Batch series finale has arrived, and with a satisfying conclusion, it still leaves many questions. Concluding Season 3 on a happy and hopeful note surprised and pleased many fans. Star Wars fans anticipated the death of another Clone Force 99 member, but by the end of the episode, Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, Echo, and Omega had all survived, delighting fans. This ending asks what exactly Emperor Palpatine knew about Dr. Royce Hemlock's research, specifically with Omega, and if the Empire had abandoned the search for her and Clone Force 99.

There is a significant time jump at the end of Season 3, Episode 15, "The Cavalry Has Arrived." Clone Force 99, Nala Se, Emerie, and the imprisoned clones fight and destroy Tantiss base. Dr. Hemlock, Rampart, and Nala Se die, but surprisingly, Clone Force 99 all survive this final battle. The time jump after they are back on Pabu suggests that the Empire did indeed stop their search for Omega and the rest of the "specimens" from Project Necromancer. And with Clone Force 99 presumably off the Empire's radar, where do they go from here? The Bad Batch is settled on Pabu, and Omega is off to aid the Rebellion as a pilot. Fans have not seen or heard the end of Omega, but what is next?

Does Clone Force 99 Fight In The Galactic Civil War?

After the destruction of Tantiss base, the Empire distributes all resources and funding to Project Stardust, aka the Death Star, thus leading fans into the stories seen in Star Wars: Rebels and the Original Trilogy. So where is Clone Force 99 during all of this? The time jump from the destruction of Tantiss to the end scene in the finale is at least 10 years. There is no confirmation of how long the jump is, but by referencing how old Hunter and Omega look, plus the reference to the Rebellion, 10 years at the minimum is a great estimate.

With Rex and the Clone Underground playing a pivotal role in the Galactic Civil War, does Clone Force 99 get involved? The end of The Bad Batch says no, at least not yet. Hunter, Crosshair, and Wrecker seem to be just living the peaceful, passive life on Pabu that they never got to live. Omega leaves to join the Rebellion, and it is hard to believe that Clone Force 99 would sit back and watch the war happen, especially knowing Omega is taking part in that war. The instinct to look after her has influenced Hunter's decision to take part in the war. It may be small roles that assist the Rebellion or even assist the Clone Underground, whatever will take it to the Empire. Or is Clone Force 99 truly settled for good this time?

Omega Is Taking After Her Brother Tech

  • The Bad Batch first appeared in The Clone Wars Season 7, Episode 1, "The Bad Batch."

  • The Bad Batch pilot episode connected to Rebels by introducing a young Jedi, Caleb Dume, aka Kanan Jarrus.

Omega, on the other hand, has not given up the fight against the Empire. Following in the footsteps of her brothers Echo and Rex, she wants to take part in the war and take down the Empire once and for all. Working on her piloting skills, she has seemingly taken over Tech's role in Clone Force 99 as an ace pilot. As she sets off to help the Rebellion, Tech's broken glasses are seen on the cockpit dashboard, which motivates Omega as she continues her journey.

Omega is a fighter, and her drive is shown throughout The Bad Batch series. The finale shows that her drive has not faded; instead, it has strengthened. It is not unreasonable to assume that Omega joined Echo and Rex in their journey with the Clone Underground between the destruction of Tantiss and the series' final scene. She had the time to continue to learn as a pilot, which gives Hunter enough confidence to trust Omega going off on her own as a pilot in the Galactic Civil War.

Not to mention Omega's Midi-chlorian count (aka M-Count), as she was the key to Project Necromancer's success. Dr. Hemlock risked everything to keep Omega and continue the research, which suggests her M-Count is much higher than one may think. Asajj Ventress could see it in her brief training with Omega. Did Omega continue to learn and practice the Force as she grew up? This is something fans may see in future Star Wars projects.

When Will Omega Return to the Big Screen?

Omega is now confirmed to be a part of the Rebel Alliance, but when will fans see her again? The ending of Season 3 suggests that Omega sets off to join the Rebellion at about 8 BBY or later. This timeframe is just shy of the Star Wars: Rebels pilot episode, which means Omega was a Rebel pilot years before Ezra Bridger even joined the Rebellion. Since Rebels has already officially ended, this could suggest that Omega may make the jump to live-action as a Rebel pilot in Andor Season 2. She may also appear as a cameo or be name-dropped in the Star Wars: Jedi Survivor sequel. Lucasfilm could also tell a new story between The Bad Batch's end and Rebels' start. This timeframe is between 18 BBY and 5 BBY, which could explore the story of Omega and The Clone Underground with Rex and Echo and can also include Emerie's story after she joined Echo.

Omega is Force-sensitive, which has to be explored more, as it is unlike Lucasfilm and Star Wars to leave such a story untouched. It is unlikely for Omega to join Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy as that is too far into the future, and Omega would be much older, making this teaching process harder. However, it is not impossible as Omega does not age like other Clones; as she stated, she remembers the creation of Clone Force 99. It is safe to assume that Omega would age the same as Boba Fett does, leaving Omega about the same age as Boba at the time of the New Republic Era. At this age, however, it would be extremely difficult to learn something as in-depth as the Force. It would be best for Lucasfilm to potentially do a miniseries set in between the destruction of Tantiss and the final scene of The Bad Batch, or even between The Bad Batch and Rebels, where Omega learns the Force.

Clone Force 99's story as a whole is complete, but individual stories and questions remain to be explored. Rex, Echo, and Emerie have a story to tell as Emerie turns a new leaf away from the Empire and aids her brothers in the Clone Underground. There is so much potential for Omega as she joined the Rebel Alliance, with plenty of stories to be told. There are numerous opportunities for her to appear in future Star Wars projects, either mentioned or as a full-blown cameo. The Bad Batch has ended, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair have chosen the life they want to live, Echo and Omega continue the fight, and Tech lives on through Omega. Although The Bad Batch is over, Clone Force 99 lives on, and fans certainly have not seen the last of Omega.

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