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Superman's Next Major Foe Is a Real Life Global Threat

An upcoming storyline will see Superman taking on his greatest foe yet: climate change.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #7, written by Tom Taylor with art by John Timms, sees Jon Kent turning his attention towards the very real threat of climate change. Timms' cover for the issue shows Superman alongside his boyfriend Jay Nakamura and a group of young protestors, marching with signs that advocate for climate justice while a massive storm rages behind them, complete with its own giant monster. This is the latest development in the series, which aims to position Jon as the Earth's champion while his father protects the planet from interstellar threats.

Tackling the real-world threat of climate change supports Jon's evolution, as the hero steps up to help all life on Earth. At DC FanDome, it was announced that Superman's motto would change to reflect this repositioning, and will now be "Truth, justice and a better tomorrow." As DC Chief Creative Officer/Publisher Jim Lee put it, "Superman has long been a symbol of hope, who inspires people and it is that optimism and hope that powers him forward with this new mission statement."

Seen behind Superman in Timms' cover is Kaldur-Ahm, a fellow member of DC's LGBTQ+ community who teamed up with Jon while he was on the Teen Titans. Recently, Kaldur-Ahm claimed the mantle of Aquaman for himself in Aquaman: The Becoming, reflecting the status quo seen earlier this year in DC Future State. The character is also part of the core cast featured in the Young Justice animated series.

While Jon is the star of Superman: Son of Kal-El, the classic Man of Steel can still be found in the pages of Action Comics. In 2022, the series will be the focal point of "The Warworld Saga," which will team Superman up with the Authority to take on the threat of Mongul and Warworld. Superman will also be featured in an original adventure by Mark Waid in Detective Comics #1050. That short story is part of the issue's oversized celebration of Batman and will be drawn by artist Dan Mora. DC also teased that there are more plans for Waid and Mora coming up, specifically with Superman and Batman. Waid previously wrote Superman: Birthright for the publisher between 2003-2004.


  • Written by TOM TAYLOR

  • Art and cover by JOHN TIMMS

  • Variant cover by TRAVIS MOORE

  • $3.99 US | 32 pages | $4.99 US Variant (Card Stock)

  • ON SALE 1/11/22

  • Superman has recovered from the devastating attack against him. After the life-changing events of issue #5, Jon Kent and his new ally Jay Nakamura are ready to strike back. They are on a collision course with the type of power that is used to swatting problems out of the way. But Superman is not so easily swatted.

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