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Superman & Lois Set Photos Give Jon Kent the Classic '90s Superboy Costume

Photos of Superman & Lois' set reveal that Jon Kent will be getting his own comics accurate costume... albeit one that originally belonged to a different character.

The images, taken by Canadagraphs, show Clark and Lois' son wearing a new outfit seemingly inspired by Superboy's appearance in the '90s. Actor Jordan Elsass was spotted in a black shirt bearing the House of El crest under a leather jacket while also sporting bright red pants and gloves. The studded belt and heavy combat boots draw further parallels to Conner Kent's first appearance in The Adventures of Superman #500. Unlike the previous season, Jon also has much shorter hair. Eagle-eyed fans will also notice that the symbol sitting on his chest is seemingly dripping. Some speculate that these drops are meant to represent blood but this has yet to be confirmed.

The costume change raises many questions about the show's upcoming season. In Superman & Lois, Jon Kent doesn't have any powers, leading some fans to speculate that the character may soon discover his unique abilities. The use of Superboy's iconic 90s design is also an interesting decision as the outfit seen in the photos is associated with Connor Kent, who has yet to make an appearance in the show.

In the currently established canon of Superman & Lois, Jordan has already adopted the mantle of Superboy after a heated, accusatory argument with his brother Jon. It's worth noting that the images don't necessarily account for context; given that multiverse hopping is an established principle in the Arrowverse, it's possible that the leather-clad Jon Kent hails from an entirely different universe.

Superman & Lois chronicles the titular couple as they attempt to survive not only the dangers of superherodom but also modern family life. Beyond putting the Man of Steel against some of his most deadly foes, the show also focuses on the strain placed on the Kent family. Jon's lack of powers has been a major plot point for the series, as he's often expressed how Jordan's abilities allow him to have a more meaningful relationship with their father.

Fans hoping to learn a little more about this mysterious new take on Superboy will be able to catch new episodes of Superman & Lois on Tuesdays on The CW.

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