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Star Trek: Discovery Star Sonequa Martin-Green Wants to Return for Walking Dead Spinoff

The new season of Star Trek: Discovery just premiered on CBS All Access, and while Michael Burnham and her crew are boldly exploring the future of that franchise, actress Sonequa Martin-Green has begun looking back on her time as Sasha Williams on The Walking Dead. While her character met a grisly end at the hands of Negan and the Saviors in Season 7, there is a new opportunity for Martin-Green to revive her role as Sasha. With the news that The Walking Dead will be spinning off a new anthology series called Tales of the Walking Dead, there are major opportunities for deceased characters to return in the future.

And it sounds like Martin-Green is open to that idea! During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Star Trek: Discovery star expressed interest in a possible return on The Walking Dead spinoff series.

"I'd love it. I'd loooooove it," said Martin-Green. "I love Sasha. I love The Walking Dead. That was my family before this family. What a blessing, by the way, that I've been able to be in two situations back to back that were so familiar that have such reach. I would love to. That would be so much fun."

She added, "It would be interesting. I was always interested in backstory. Of course, I am as an actor with every character that I play. But as the years went on as Sasha, I was finding so much joy in developing so much backstory that no one would ever know. That's one of the great things about being an actor in TV, is that you get to build so much life over the years and over the seasons."

Martin-Green explained that she helped develop Sasha's backstory of being a firefighter before the zombie outbreak, which could play a role in a possible reappearance in The Walking Dead universe.

"I remember when I decided that I was a firefighter and then built all those memories for myself," she said. "But then that started to become part of the conversation. And it was nice. It was nice to be able to create in the privacy of your own home in your own little bubble and then have that become a part of the public conversation. That was really cool to see. So, yeah, that would be great."

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 premieres new episodes every Thursday on CBS All Access, and has just been picked up for Season 4.

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