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Sam Wilson Replaces Steve Rogers on Captain America Social Media Accounts

Sam Wilson is now the official Captain America representative on Captain America's social media accounts, replacing Steve Rogers.

The hit Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, concluded with Sam Wilson, the hero formerly known as the Falcon, taking his place as the new Captain America. Now, Sam is also taking his place as the official Captain America on social media.

Captain America maintains a presence on all of the major social media platforms, and after the big reveal of Sam as the new Captain America (and the announcement of an upcoming fourth Captain America film starring Sam as Cap), Sam Wilson has now been made the representative on all of those social media accounts. However, for Chris Evans/Steve Rogers fans, the Captain America Instagram account had a cryptic tease for Chris/Steve's return in the future.

The Facebook changeover is the most nondescript of the three major ones, as it simply put a new image of Sam Wilson as Captain America on the banner image of the Captain America account. It doesn't even mention his name, with the page remaining just "Captain America. Fictional Character."

The Twitter changeover is a bit more amusing, as not only is there that same new Sam Wilson as Cap banner image, but the description has changed, as well, with it now reading "On your left," which is what Sam says to Steve when the heroes return to life after being killed by Thanos' "Snap" at the climax of Avengers: Endgame (a joking reference to how Steve would constantly pass Sam while the two were running, so he would always be telling him "on your left" to let Sam know he was passing on his left).

The Instagram changeover is the most interesting of the three, because it actually only added Anthony Mackie to the page rather than remove Chris Evans, so the two actors now share equal placement on the account (Evans' name is actually still first). In addition, there was a story posted there that cryptically hinted that there might be more to come from Chris Evans as Steve Rogers...

In the alternative, it could simply be that the page will continue to reference Steve's past accomplishments as Captain America along with Sam's current ones as the star-spangled superhero. That's the thing with cryptic teases, they are intentionally mysterious.

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