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Nintendo Doesn't Know What "Style" It'll Do After Super Mario Bros Wonder

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The duo in question was Producer Takashi Tezuka and Art Director Masanobu Sato, who noted to Game Informer that they felt that Super Mario Bros. Wonder brought the 2D series to a "new phase," but that they aren’t sure how to continue it afterward regarding its "style." Tezuka stated, "I believe that we have transitioned from the New Super Mario Bros. series into a new phase, but at this point, we have no idea what the next game style will be."

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Might Not Be Topped

This may be because the upcoming Mario title is unlike any 2D game the Nintendo mascot has been in before. His platforming adventures in the past have been rather basic in some ways, with the new additions traditionally being nothing more than different power-ups or methods to design levels. Even with these additions, they almost always follow the same game model. The new game flips that script in many respects, which is why Sato stated, "What we do know is that Super Mario Bros. Wonder has set a bigger stage for adventure for Mario and friends."

One of the reasons for this "bigger stage" is some of the team members who made the game possible. The leads revealed in another interview that they brought in some younger developers to look at the game and see how they felt it could be improved. The higher-ups were impressed by how they respected the nostalgia of the series while also suggesting changes that would make the game fit with the current style of modern video games. For example, there will no longer be a timer in levels, and players can restart a level right where they left off after their character dies.

There are also some new additions that take Super Mario Bros. Wonder to new heights, such as the Wonder Flower. This can warp levels in unprecedented ways, ensuring that gamers are always on their toes when one is found. The badge system likewise adds new abilities for gamers while limiting how many can be worn so that no one is overpowered. A smaller but still worthy addition to the game is the new enemies that fill the Flower Kingdom, where the game is set. There are also numerous multiplayer options for players to enjoy to further flesh out the experience.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder arrives on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 20.

Source: Game Informer

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