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New Fatal Fury/Garou Game Announced at EVO

Fighting game series Fatal Fury/Garou will be returning to the scene with a new entry after over 20 years.

Developer SNK announced the franchise's return on-stage at the Evolution Championship Series on Aug. 7 with a 30-second teaser trailer. However, no gameplay of the upcoming project was featured. Instead, SNK opted to feature concept artwork of the game, which showcased the character Rock Howard and two other silhouetted figures that could be notable franchise characters Kain R. Heinlein and Billy Kane.

The Fatal Fury/Garou teaser also provided tiny hints about the new game's plot, including "Hungry Wolves Back on the Prowl," "A New Destiny Hidden in Darkness" and "The City of Legend Still Breathes." These vague riddles suggest that the unnamed title may very well be a direct sequel to Garou: Mark of the Wolves, initially released on the Neo Geo in 1999. Mark of the Wolves is the series' most recent mainline entry, giving a whacky perspective that it has laid dormant for over four console generations. Though the franchise has stayed quiet for a substantial time, many of its characters have made appearances in the King of Fighters series, another franchise made by SNK.

The title's reveal was just one of many substantially-sized announcements from 2022's Evolution Championship Series, known as EVO colloquially. This event is an annual e-sports convention that exclusively focuses on fighting games and hosts a variety of open tournaments for titles such as Tekken 7, Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat 11. EVO first started in 1996 and, over time, has grown to become a place for gamers worldwide to come and show off their skills to prove who is the best of the best.

Fatal Fury/Garou is a series of fighting games developed by SNK that would originally come to fruition with the release of Fatal Fury: King of Fighters for the Neo Geo in 1991. The series' story revolves around protagonist Terry Bogard, a charismatic and friendly fighter determined to bring down the evil, criminal empire of antagonist Geese Howard. Fatal Fury/Garou's long-running storyline and classic combat system has allowed it to become a cult classic amongst many gamers and Esports competitors. Over time, the franchise's increasing popularity has expanded into other media, including films, books and manga. Terry was even featured as a DLC fighter in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Source: YouTube; Twitter

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