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Mark Hamill Finally Meets Star Wars 'Mother' Natalie Portman

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On Sunday evening, both Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman were present at the Golden Globe Awards. While Portman's Padmé was the canonical mother of Hamill's Luke Skywalker, the two actors were never in the same Star Wars movies, so they never had a chance to meet on the set. That finally changed at the Golden Globes, as Hamill shared an image on X of his meeting with Portman at the event. In the caption of the post, Hamill wrote, "Now I have finally met my 'mother,' thanks to the [Golden Globe Awards]." The post can be seen below.

Both Hamill and Portman have expressed in years past how they really need to meet one another, but the two were just never in the same place at the same time. In 2018, Hamill revealed with a post on X (then Twitter) that he'd "never met" Portman, a revelation that shocked many Star Wars fans. When Portman appeared on Stephen Colbert's Late Show soon after, she was asked about the post, and the actress replied, "It's such a shame. I would love to meet him. Mark, I'd love to meet you. Where are you? Come over."

Hamill famously starred as Luke in all three installments of the original Star Wars trilogy. He did not return for the prequel series, which made sense from a storyline standpoint, given that they took place prior to the events of the original films. Portman played Luke's canonical mother, Padmé Amidala, in each installment of the prequel trilogy. Hamill would later return as Luke for the sequel trilogy, concluding with The Rise of Skywalker, though Portman made no appearances in those films. However, Portman has kept the door open for a possible return as Padmé in the Star Wars universe.

"I have no information on this. No one has ever asked me to return, but I'm open to it," Portman told GQ about a potential return to Star Wars in 2023.

Portman was at the Golden Globes as she was nominated for a Best Actress award for a Musical or Comedy film. The award ultimately went to Emma Stone for Poor Things. Meanwhile, Hamill was there as the presenter for the inaugural Cinematic and Box Office Achivement award, which was given to Barbie.

Source: Mark Hamill on X

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