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Scream 5 Rumors About Ghostface Mask in New Sequel Debunked

When a new film is being crafted for an iconic franchise, filmmakers are tasked with the challenge of finding ways to uncover new territory while also honoring the installments that came before it, but R.J. Torbert from Fun World, who is credited with naming the "Ghostface" mask seen in the Screamfilms, recently shot down rumors that the mask in the upcoming Scream 5would be drastically different from its predecessors, which some reports had claimed. He also hinted that the mask in the new film could be slightly different from what audiences might be anticipating, though it sounds like it will largely resemble the costumes that came before it.

"There's been a rumor going around that the ultra-white mask is involved… what I will tell you is that the killer, the main killer, will not have the ultra-white mask," Torbert confirmed with Ghostface UK. "There's something else involved, and it's not the white mask!"

Much like the original Halloween, a key narrative component of the original Screamis that, rather than being a uniquely crafted mask, the killer's disguise could be purchased at nearly any costume shop, making for that many more suspect possibilities. With a new person, or people, taking on the mantle of Ghostface in each sequel, one might wonder why retailers would continue to sell a mask made famous by real-life murderers, but with the harrowing adventures seen in Screamigniting the in-world slasher franchise Stab, there's clearly metatextual themes being explored regarding the celebrity of serial killers.

The last time audiences saw Ghostface on the big screen was in 2011's Scream 4, with the franchise then being reimagined for MTV's Scream: The TV Seriesin 2015, which was executive produced by franchise co-creator Wes Craven. Rather than being a continuation of the film series or a reboot of the original concept, that TV series was instead a spiritual successor, as it focused on a series of grisly murders unfolding in a small town, with the teen-aged characters using their expertise in the realm of horror movies and true crime to uncover the killer's identity. While the killer does wear a mask, it's not the popular Ghostface mask seen in the films, instead being a facial apparatus that was meant to be a medical device, which featured a similar elongated mouth to the famous Ghostface.

The third season of Scream: The TV Seriesreimagined the concept yet again, though this time it utilized the iconic mask. In recent years, Ghostface has made a number of video game appearances, some of which offer stylized interpretations of the outfit, including the "ultra-white" mask Torbert referenced in his comments.

Scream 5 is slated to hit theaters on January 14, 2022.

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