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James Gunn Might Be Teasing the Return of the Red Trunks in Superman: Legacy

This week's Your Nerd Side Show:

As of right now, it's unclear what director James Gunn has in mind for the titular superhero's appearance in Superman: Legacy, but he's been strongly suggesting a film that's much closer in tone to the original comic books. On social media, Gunn recently shared an image of his production office amid his preparation for Superman: Legacy, and it reveals several different images of the artwork from the comic book miniseries Superman for all Seasons. This depiction of Superman is sporting the classic red trunks, which haven't been getting utilized much in more recent live-action portrayals, and this has many fans convinced that Superman: Legacy actor David Corenswet will be wearing them proudly.

Henry Cavill's Superman didn't wear the classic red trunks in Man of Steel and his subsequent Snyderverse/DCEU appearances. On the small screen, Tyler Hoechlin's version in Superman & Lois has also gone without the trunks, though he did briefly wear them in a flashback sequence in 2021 as a nod to Max Fleischer's classic Superman cartoons. There has long been a debate with fans over whether it's the right call to move away from the trunks entirely with Superman's design.

The Fan Speculation Continues Over Superman's Red Trunks

Gunn had previously confirmed the July 2025 release of Superman: Legacy by sharing artwork of the release date in a post on social media. The date was featured in the Supermanlogo font, and the classic design similarly had some fans suspecting that this hinted at the return of the classic Superman suit for Corenswet, red trunks included. Of course, none of what Gunn has shared offers an official confirmation one way or the other concerning the character's outfit, so it remains to be seen if Corenswet's Man of Steel will sport the classic look.

It's no surprise that there's a bit of a fan debate over whether the character should in fact wear his trunks. Back in June, even Gunn admitted on X that he was still "undecided" on whether his Superman would have them on. At the time, he was still looking over concept art and making up his mind, though he teased that the team would use "whatever version looks best." He added that the "most important aspects of the character go beyond trunks!" At this point, Gunn has likely decided upon his look for Superman, but it remains to be seen by fans if the red trunks will, in fact, return.

Superman: Legacy will be released in movie theaters on July 11, 2025.

Source: James Gunn

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