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Evil Dead Rise Star Recalls the 'Grossest' Part of Filming the Sequel

Evil Dead Rise star Alyssa Sutherland has opened up about her least favorite part of shooting the latest entry in the beloved horror franchise.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Sutherland noted, "The grossest for me was the vomit rig." Sutherland recalled that during the making of Evil Dead Rise, she "[s]truggled with the vomit rig. It was disgusting. I don't like vomiting. Who does? I don't think I'm singling myself out there."

Evil Dead Rise stars Sutherland as Ellie, a single mom who reunites with her estranged sister Beth, played by Lily Sullivan, after the latter discovers she is pregnant and turns to her family for help. When an earthquake rocks Ellie's Los Angeles apartment building to the foundation, it unearths the film's version of the iconic Necronomicon, better known as the Book of the Dead. In turn, this give rise to a Deadite infection that turns those it afflicts into undying monsters set on killing everyone in their path.

Evil Dead Is Back

In December 2022, director Lee Cronin discussed his appreciation for the Evil Dead franchise's particular breed of supernatural villains. "What I love about the Evil Dead is that these aren't just mindless zombies," Cronin said at the time. "They talk [and] taunt. There's more Deadite dialogue than ever before." Cronin also pointed toward Evil Dead creator and original director Sam Raimi's request going into the latest sequel, specifically to "[m]ake sure there are good Deadites."

Evil Dead Rise premiered in theaters on April 21 and quickly became the highest-rated film in the franchise as per review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. While no plans for a sequel have emerged thus far, Cronin has promised fans that he has enough ideas to potentially double the franchise as a whole. These concepts range from exploring the history surrounding the Book of the Dead as it is introduced in Evil Dead Rise to following Sullivan's Beth as she continues on in the aftermath of the film's events. Cronin also mentioned the idea of picking back up in the same location with a new cast, saying, "I've often thought, 'What happens when the cleanup crew shows up?" Finally, Cronin touched on taking the franchise back to its roots in a secluded woodland locale. "[The idea] excites me because I love that I broke the mold, but wouldn’t it be fun now if I went back to the cabin in the woods," he explained.

Evil Dead Rise is in theaters now.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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