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Dick Grayson’s Original Robin Gets a McFarlane Toys Gold Label Figure

McFarlane Toys is selling a brand-new Gold Label figure of Batman's first Robin, Dick Grayson.

Unveiled on Twitter, the figure puts Dick back into his first Robin costume ever, with a red torso, yellow cape, green gloves and boots, but with no pants as per the suit's original design. The figure will be available exclusively from the McFarlane Toys Store, and pre-orders will open on Feb. 7. As for the figure's inspiration, Robin was created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson in the 1940 issue Detective Comics #38, which marks Dick Grayson's first comic book appearance both in and out of costume.

Who Is Dick Grayson, Batman's First Robin?

While there have been several Robins over the years, Dick was the first. He was a young circus acrobat adopted by Batman Bruce Wayne following the death of his parents, John and Mary Grayson, and eventually became the hero's sidekick. As he grew older, he became a leader of his own superhero team, the Titans, and eventually shed the Robin identity to adopt his own: Nightwing.

In the last year, McFarlane Toys has released other Gold Label figures of Robins, such as the third Robin, Tim Drake, and the fifth, Damian Wayne. The company's Gold Label Collection is comprised of limited figures from different pop culture brands, making them harder to get. Tim Drake's Gold Label figure was designed to sport his red-and-black Robin suit, while Damian's wears his Infinite Frontier attire featuring more black and gray. The Gold Label version of this Damian is a variation of a standard figure though, one that removes his mask and keeps all other elements the same.

Nightwing Stars in the DC Universe’s Future

Dick's Robin figure arrives at a time when he is becoming the DC Universe's next leading hero. Following the Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths event and Nightwing #100, as Nightwing, Dick and the Titans will be the main heroes of the DC Universe and replace the Justice League for the foreseeable future. DC has announced a new Titans series written by Tom Taylor and artist Nicola Scott, which is set to debut in May 2023. The series will be one of several releasing as part of the "Dawn of DC" initiative, set to launch and stretch across over 20 titles this year.

The Nightwing solo series spotlighting Dick is still set to continue through April, however. Taylor writes the title alongside Bruno Redondo as its main artist, though Travis Moore will be taking over as interior artist for future issues announced as of writing. The upcoming Nightwing #101 goes on sale Feb. 21 from DC Comics, just two weeks after McFarlane Toys' new Robin figure becomes available for pre-order.

Source: Twitter

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