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DC Announces Plan to Kill the Justice League by Murdering Major Characters

According to EW, Justice League #75, written by Joshua Williamson with art by Rafa Sandoval and Alejandro Sánchez, will be the final issue of the series, and it will culminate with the death of the premier DC superhero team.

"It's very serious," Williamson said. "It's an interesting opportunity to do this on the 30th anniversary of 'The Death of Superman,' which happened in Superman #75. We get to take Justice League #75 and do 'Death of the Justice League.' We want people to understand, this is serious and this is gonna have a major impact in the DCU moving forward."

"I remember the experience of reading the build-up to 'The Death of Superman' and then waiting in the rain for my copy of issue #75," he continued. "I think one reason that story was so powerful was that after the 'Funeral for a Friend' story, there were no Superman comics for three months. That's part of what led us to make the decision that this is the last issue of Justice League. But then three months later, there's still not gonna be a Justice League comic. It's gonna be a while, and that's gonna be a major part of what the DCU looks like after this story: There is no Justice League."

"My first reaction when I read this script was, 'Wow! This is going to be huge!' Right after that, I started thinking, 'how do I approach drawing this?'" Sandoval added. "There is a big battle with lots of characters and also a very critical and sad moment, so I thought of some movies that I could use as a reference for this book. The Lord of the Rings helped me plan shots and how I could show the battle, as well as how to transition from the battle to the most critical moment, the death of the Justice League. I escalate the action by going from distant shots to close-ups and then suddenly do the opposite to force the reader to stop and take in what is happening on the page. Drawing such a painful death for these characters after they fought so hard was tough. As an artist, though, drawing such epic and emotional moments was a big challenge, and I love these challenges!"

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