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Batman Series With Black Panther Star as Bruce Wayne Sets Release Date

Batman Unburied, the Spotify-exclusive narrative podcast, finally sets a release date.

As reported by THR, the Caped Crusader's upcoming audio adventure is set to hit Spotify on May 5 and will delve into some of the darker aspects of Batman's mythology. While the episode count of the series is currently unknown, the podcast features an all-star cast of voices, including Black Panther's Winston Duke, who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman. The audio drama will also feature the vocal talents of Gina Rodriguez, Jason Isaacs, Hasan Minhaj, Lance Reddick, Ashely Burch and John Rhys-Davies.

Batman Unburied is the first production to come from a multi-year, first-look licensing deal between Warner Bros. and Spotify. The story begins with Bruce Wayne working as a forensic pathologist in Gotham Hospital as he's tasked with examining the victims of a terrifying serial killer known as The Harvester. "Not only will the superhero be forced to face his own mental demons, but he will also have to overcome them in order to save the citizens of Gotham as his alter ego Batman," reads the description for the series.

The upcoming super hero audio drama also sports a script by veteran Batman writer David S. Goyer, who penned the screenplays for Batman Begins and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. "I’ve been a fan of narrative podcasts for some time and was looking for the right story — returning to Batman seems like the perfect opportunity," said Goyer. "We’ll be using the unique advantages of audio to dig into the more nightmarish members of the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery."

Speaking to his role as the titular hero, Duke expressed his excitement around Batman Unburied, noting that he thinks the final product will be something very special for fans of the character. "I am so excited, so honored, to be joining the DC family with Batman: Unburied[and] with Spotify. We have been cooking up something very, very special for you. We've been creating something that's nuanced and beautiful, with great characters, great voices and just a beautiful experience. So in that vein, I am Batman!"

While Batman Unburied may be the first Spotify/Warner Bros. narrative podcast, more are reportedly on the way. The publisher recently confirmed that it was looking at developing podcasts dedicated to characters like Catwoman, Batgirl, Joker and Wonder Woman.

Batman Unburied releases on May 5.

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