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Batman Is the One DC Hero the Russo Brothers Have No Interest in Directing

Directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo just singled out Batman as the DC Universe superhero they're least interested in making a movie about.

The Russos stated that a DCU project headlined by the Dark Knight Detective is "the one movie [they] would never, ever do" during a red carpet interview with Fandango's Erik Davis. "We love [DC Studios co-chair and co-CEO] James [Gunn], we adore him," Joe Russo said. "We support everything he's doing over there [at DC], we'd be happy to work with him at any point -- [but] it wouldn't be on Batman." Like Gunn, the Russo Brothers are veterans of Marvel Studios' rival shared universe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Together, the siblings have directed four MCU installments: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Owing to their considerable experience with wrangling superhero epics, the Russos are constantly put forward as potential DCU directors by the online rumor mill. This resulted in them recently being asked which DCU project they'd like to helm if given the chance, and their response seemingly suggested they be keen to call the shots on The Brave and the Bold. This is somewhat surprising given that the film will chart the exploits of Batman's son, Damian Wayne. Joe Russo addressed this apparent inconsistency in the Fandango interview, attributing his and Anthony's earlier remarks to them both being "so tired" at the time.

The DCU Lands its First Directors

With the Russo Brothers apparently not interested in directing The Brave and the Bold, the question of who will put their hand up to steer the production to the big screen remains unanswered. The director's chair on two other upcoming DCU movies, The Authority and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, remains vacant, as well. DC Studios will presumably announce directors for these projects in the coming months, in keeping with its current strategy of gradually releasing information regarding its initial slate of movies and TV shows. The production company has already confirmed that Gunn will direct Superman: Legacy and James Mangold will direct Swamp Thing.

DC Studios representatives have set the record straight regarding filmmakers they aren't currently collaborating with, as well. In a recent tweet, Gunn confirmed that YouTubers Danny and Michael Philippou, who manage the popular channel RackaRacka, didn't turn down the opportunity to direct a DCU project, despite the pair's recent claims to the contrary. "DC never offered them a project. Maybe they turned down pitching on something?" Gunn tweeted.

The Brave and the Bold does not yet have a release date.

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