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2022's Most Underrated Horror Game Delivers Ghost Hunting Action

There are plenty of ghost-hunting games on the indie market, but Ghost Exile appears to be one of the best such titles available on Steam. This is a cooperative horror game where one to four players need to hunt for ghosts, determine types of ghosts and carry out rituals of exorcism to banish the spirits from the grounds. After a ghost has been exorcised, it will no longer be a threat to players of the game. However, players must be careful -- making a hasty decision could lead to a horrible fate.

Ghost Exile has incredible potential within the world of ghost hunting games. This game is highly underrated, but it has many qualities that fans of Phasmophobia crave. While Ghost Exile has the same feel as other ghost hunting games, it takes things a step further by introducing many exciting mechanics. Once players unlock things like the book of exile, the game no longer feels like just another stale entry in the genre, taking on a life all its own.

All the mechanics that have been implemented in this game provide a plethora of experiences. One of the most significant mechanics is finding the personal belongings of the entity in question. If players can locate the ghost's unique item and burn it, the spirit will not be able to open as many portals during the ritual phase. More so, turning on the heater inside the house regulates temperatures and makes readings more accurate when looking for supernatural cold zones. These are just a few features that have taken this game to the next level.

When dealing with a new spirit, the first thing players need to do is determine the type of entity with which they are dealing. Several ghost types within the game have different traits players must look out for to identify the phantasm correctly. Players need to collect evidence that the ghost leaves behind to assist in this endeavor. This includes ectoplasm left on the walls and floors, the ghost speaking through the spirit box and even otherworldly writing inside a book. Another factor to consider while searching for ghosts is how violent a ghost may become.

Poltergeists are known to throw items around the map, which is one method of identification. Another example would be Mogwai. This ghost type will present itself to players with freezing temperatures, speaking on the voice recorder and appearing inside the laser projector. Players need to be careful to collect the proper evidence. Much like the Mogwai, the Amonjaku will cause extreme cold spots and laser projector interaction. The only difference in evidence is that the Amonjaku will not speak through the voice recorder. It instead will present itself as a haze that zooms across the screen.

Another mechanic this game includes is the exorcizing of ghosts. Again, players must be careful to identify each entity correctly to perform the proper exorcism. Once the spirit has been identified, players will need to locate the entity's passport and a lighter. The passport shows the first and last name that belonged to the ghost during its time alive. This is necessary during the ritual, as players need to call the entity by name.

Players will need to unlock and use spray paint to draw a corresponding sigil on which to stand during the ritual. Each ritual in the book of exile will give instructions on what is needed to exorcise the ghost. As the ritual begins, portals will open up all over the house. Players will need to spring into action and close these portals as they appear, lest they overwhelm the gamer. Once all the portals have been closed and the reading of the ritual has been completed, the ghost will be forever banished from the grounds.

Ghost Exile shows a lot of promise to would-be ghost hunters worldwide. It showcases phenomenal graphics, jump scares that will haunt the players' memories and enough suspense to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. While there are still some changes that could be made to make for a smoother experience, Ghost Exile is an incredible game overall.

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