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#13 Fonseca talks with actress Tracy Gold

On The Show:

Tracey Gold became an actress at the age of four, first appearing in a Pepsi print ad. She appeared in two canceled series, Shirley with Shirley Jones in 1979, and Goodnight Beantown, starring Bill Bixby in 1983. Gold was originally cast as the youngest daughter in the original pilot series of the sitcom Gimme A Break!starring Nell Carter, but was replaced by actress Lara Jill Miller when the show went to series. She played one of Albert Finney and Diane Keaton's four daughters in the feature film Shoot the Moon (1982). Gold also guest starred on her sister Missy Gold's series Benson in 1985, playing the cousin of Missy's character, Katie Gatling.In 1985, Gold auditioned for the role of Carol Seaver on Growing Pains, but was not initially cast.

The actress chosen for the pilot was Elizabeth Ward, who had starred alongside Gold in The Hand-Me-Down Kid, a 1983 ABC Afterschool Special. However, test audiences did not favor Ward in the role of Carol, and she was replaced by Gold. Growing Pains ran from 1985 until 1992.

During this time, Gold became a famous teen star and battled anorexia. In 1988, Gold also starred as Angela Strull in the teen filmDance 'til Dawn.On August 9, 1988, Gold and her two sisters were the only celebrities at the funeral of murdered child-actor Judith Barsi. Gold read A Child Of Mine (from the poet Edgar Albert Guest) as a eulogy

Variety magazine says a new Barbie animated series, named "Barbie: A Touch of Magic", will premiere on Netflix on Sept. 14th. The show is about two Barbie characters who find a baby Pegasus and then go on an adventure.

The Guardian says Lego will start selling braille-coded bricks to help visually- impaired children learn how to read. The braille bricks will be available starting in September.

Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa are teaming up for a new action movie called ‘’The Wrecking Crew’’. The film is described as a ‘buddy action comedy’. The plot is being kept a secret

Chris Pratt May Replace Super Mario Voice Actor: The Daily Mail says Chris Pratt may replace Charles Martinet as the voice of Super Mario. Martinet has announced his retirement and has voiced the character since 1991. Fans are wondering if Pratt, who faced controversy for being cast as Mario in the 2023 movie, will replace Martinet in future games. Nintendo has not confirmed who will take on the role.

Nintendo And Oreo Make Princess Peach Cookies: Gamerant says Nintendo and Oreo are creating special Princess Peach-themed cookies. The limited-edition cookies are for Super Mario fans. Five thousand lucky fans will have the chance to win the Princess Peach x OREOiD Pack. Oreo decided to do Princess Peach cookies because of the success of their Pokemon Oreos. The Princess Peach cookies are dipped in white fudge before being covered in sprinkles.

Entertainment Tonight says "Barbie" recently became Warner Bros’ highest-grossing film in North America beating "The Dark Knight". ‘’Barbie’’ has earned $537.5 million while ‘’The Dark Knight’’ earned $533 million. ‘’Barbie’’ has earned over $1.19 billion worldwide.

Giant Freakin Robot says a new snake species, found in Peru, was recently named after Harrison Ford. The snake, Tachymenoides harrisonfordi, is slender, 16 inches long, and has a pale yellowish-brown tint with black blotches. Researchers named it after Ford because of his dedication to environmental causes. Ford also has ants and a spider named after him Harrison says, “These scientists keep naming critters after me, but it’s always the ones that terrify children. I don’t understand. I spend my free time cross-stitching. I sing lullabies to my basil plants, so they won’t fear the night.”

Cinema Blend says the "Barbie" movie has been banned in Algeria for "damaging morals." The film had been showing for several weeks before the ban. An insider says the ban was due to the movie not complying with Algeria's religious beliefs. The film has previously been banned in Lebanon, Kuwait, and Vietnam. Inside the Magic says Taylor Swift may join the cast of 'Deadpool 3' as a character named Dazzler. Dazzler is a mutant with light and sound-based powers. Dazzler is tall, wears a blue outfit, a blue mask and has long blonde hair. Taylor's casting may be due to her close friendship with Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively.

The Daily Mail says a sequel to the Barbie movie is in the works because the film has made $1 billion. The same crew is being contracted for the sequel. A source tells the newspaper, "It is very early days, but it's become apparent that bosses want the same crew for the sequel as they did for the first."

The Miami Herald says a famous scientist recently found out where the fictional world of Barbieland, from the "Barbie" movie, is located. Neil deGrasse Tyson used clues from the movie to conclude that Barbieland is in the Florida Keys. Key West Mayor Teri Johnston is happy about his theory and says it brings something positive to the area.

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