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Invincible Movie Still In Development According To Robert Kirkman

Amazon Prime Video recently revealed more footage from its anticipated Invincible animated series, and while fans are definitely excited to see it, the reveal also brought up questions about the previously announced Invincible movie that was revealed back in 2017. Invincible creator Robert Kirkman was asked about the status of the film, and confirmed that it is in the "very early going" states and will not be animated like the series, but will instead be live-action. Both projects are being worked on simultaneously, though obviously, the animated series is much further along.

"That is still very much in development. That hasn't changed. We're just taking a long time," Kirkman told EW "But we've been fortunate enough to have a two-track plan with Invincible. Right now we've got the animated series at Amazon, which is now on the cusp of launching, and then we're also still developing it as a film series with Universal, with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg attached. So, those two things are still very much happening concurrently, which is somewhat weird, I guess. But there've been Spider-Man animated series and Spider-Man movies at the same time. So, I think we're in good company."

As Kirkman mentioned, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are writing, directing, and producing the live-action Invincible film, and there will be some major differences between the projects despite the fact that they are adapting the same material.

"There will definitely be some significant differences between the movie and the television show. People will easily be able to tell them apart... We're definitely working to make sure that the two can exist and complement each other," Kirkman said.

The fact that the movie is in live-action is a big part of why it's taking longer to come to fruition and is also the reason why they decided to tackle the series in animation.

"It's a great way for us to stand apart in a crowded landscape," Kirkman said. "But more than that, I think that it allows us to more properly adapt the Invincible comic. The Invincible comic will have one battle on earth, and then the next scene will be a battle in space, and then there'll be an alien invasion, and then there'll be another guy that attacks after the alien invasion. There's no way that we could keep this level of insanity up in live-action. We would have to do a tremendous amount of bottle episodes to level it all out."

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