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The Batman's Zoë Kravitz Confirms Catwoman's Bisexuality

The Batman's Zoë Kravitz confirmed her version of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the DC film takes a cue from the comics in that the character is depicted as bisexual.

When Kravitz was asked by Pedestrian whether a moment from the film in which Selina calls a female character named Anika "baby" was confirmation that she was bi, the actor replied in the affirmative. "That’s definitely the way I interpreted that, that they had some kind of romantic relationship," she said.

"[The film is] very true to the character of Selina Kyle," co-writer/director Matt Reeves added. "She’s not yet Catwoman, but all the elements of how she’s going to become Catwoman are there. And in terms of her relationship with Anika, I spoke to Zoë very early on and one of the things she said which I loved was that: 'She’s drawn to strays because she was a stray and so she really wants to care for these strays because she doesn’t want to be that way anymore and Anika is like a stray and she loves her. She actually represents this connection that she has to her mother who she lost, who was a stray anymore.'"

"So I don’t think we meant to go directly in that way, but you can interpret it that way for sure," he continued. "She has an intimacy with that character and it’s a tremendous and deep caring for that character, more so than a sexual thing, but there was meant to be quite an intimate relationship between them."

While Catwoman is one of Bruce Wayne/Batman's most enduring love interests, the character was revealed to be bisexual in 2015's Catwoman #39, written by Genevieve Valentine, illustrated by Garry Brown, colored by Lee Loughridge and lettered by Travis Lanham. This is confirmed when Selina kisses Eiko Hasigawa, a Yakuza heiress who becomes Catwoman in her own right. The last live-action Batman film to feature Catwoman -- 2012's The Dark Knight Rises -- predates this revelation, meaning Kravitz will be the first actor to bring this element from the comics onto the big screen.

The Batman arrives in theaters March 4.

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