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Superman & Lois Season 3 Ends on a Cliffhanger Despite No Word on Season 4 Renewal

Superman & Lois Season 3 will end on a cliffhanger, despite The CW having not yet officially confirmed whether it intends to greenlight Season 4.

The president of The CW's entertainment division Brad Schwartz confirmed that Superman & Lois' third season will wrap up on an open-ended note in an interview with TVLine. "The ending this season is amazing," he said. "You’ve got some Lex Luthor in there… I don't want to give any spoilers, but the end of the season is great -- and it's got a bit of a cliffhanger." Pressed on Superman & Lois' chances of renewal, Schwartz noted that the show is "expensive [and] doesn’t make money for us." He also highlighted a key issue preventing Superman & Lois from growing its audience and turning a profit. "We don’t have the rights to the prior seasons. You need to have a library [for people to find a show]… and the prior seasons are [on HBO Max]," Schwartz explained.

Schwartz's comments seemingly cast doubt on Superman & Lois' future, which has been in question for several weeks now. Industry insiders have fueled speculation that The CW is considering axing the fan-favorite show, with sources claiming that the network only intends to renew one of its DC Comics-inspired shows, Superman & Lois or Gotham Knights. These sources added that while Superman & Lois has higher viewership figures, Gotham Knights is markedly less costly to produce. Indeed, Gotham Knights is allegedly the cheapest DC show that The CW has ever aired.

Is Superman & Lois Getting Canceled?

It's been several days since the report started doing the rounds online, and The CW is still yet to set the record straight regarding the fate of both shows. What's more, another non-DC show, All American: Homecoming, remains in limbo, as well. Schwartz addressed fans' anxiety in a recent press conference, promising them that a final verdict on Superman & Lois, Gotham Knights and All American: Homecoming's respective futures isn't far off. "We love all [three] shows... We'll be making decisions on those sooner than later," Schwartz said.

It's not just fans who are invested in Superman & Lois earning another batch of episodes, either. The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace recently expressed the hope that a fourth season of Superman & Lois could the legacy of the Arrowverse alive. "I'm going to have lunch with [Superman & Lois showrunner] Todd [Helbing] in the next couple weeks," Wallace said. "And I'm going to tell him, 'If you get a fourth season, you've got to sneak some Arrowverse in there. You are now carrying the torch.'"

Superman & Lois Season 3 is currently airing on The CW, with new episodes dropping Tuesdays.

Source: TVLine

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