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Star Wars Reveals What Happened to Luke's Yellow Lightsaber

The following contains spoilers for Star Wars #33 from Marvel Comics.

Luke Skywalker's yellow lightsaber has been completely destroyed, and he's now on the hunt for a replacement in Marvel's Star Wars #33.

Star Wars #33 comes from writer Charles Soule, artist Madibek Musabekov, colorist Rachelle Rosenberg and letterer VC's Clayton Cowles. In the previous issue, Luke, Lando Calrissian, Amilyn Holdo and Chewbacca need to venture into No-Space to retrieve a sacred Jedi text in an area that's completely overrun by deadly Kill-Droids. Along with seemingly losing the sacred Jedi text he was trying to receive, Luke's right hand and yellow lightsaber were both crushed by one of the Kill-Droids at the end of the issue.

Star Wars #33 confirms Luke's lightsaber can no longer function normally as he defeats the enemy Kill-Droid through the use of the Force. He also uses the Force to save the sacred Jedi text, even despite the fact that Luke previously told Holdo the Force is "hard to find" out in No-Space. "It was harder to reach the Force than it ever was...And then it all came rushing back, stronger than I've ever felt," he tells Lando. "It was...frightening, almost."

Luke's Next Mission Will See Him Replace His Lightsaber

Turning his attention toward Darth Vader and the Empire, Luke acknowledges that he's going to need a new weapon sometime in the near future. Star Wars #33 ends with Luke getting his damaged arm fixed while telling Leia Organa about some of his Force-related discoveries. When Leia takes her leave, Luke gets his broken lightsaber back from R2-D2. While he's able to light the weapon up, it appears to be broken and in need of a replacement. "I'm going to have to face Darth Vader again," Luke says in the issue's final moments. "I know it. And if I'm going to do that...I'm going to need a new one of these [lightsaber]."

Solicitation information for Star Wars #34, which releases on May 3, 2023, sets the stage for the start of Luke's quest to find a new lightsaber. The synopsis for the issue reads, "THE BROKEN SABER OF SKYWALKER! LUKE SKYWALKER searches for one of the rarest substances in the galaxy…KYBER—the living crystal that powers LIGHTSABERS! Does it hold the answer to the unpredictable thing the Force has become (see Hidden Empire #5!)? What long-lost secret is he about to uncover?"

Star Wars #33 features cover art by Stephen Segovia and Rain Beredo and variant cover art by John Tyler Christopher and Alan Quah. The issue is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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