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Star Wars Rebels' Dave Filoni Always Knew He Wanted the Story to Continue in Live-Action

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Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni was sure he would only ever continue the story of the animated series Star Wars Rebels in live-action.

Per Empire, Filoni claimed he always wanted a continuation of the Star Wars Rebels storyline to take an ambitious new direction by transferring the ongoing narrative into a live-action format. "Even at the time I did the Rebels epilogue, I felt like, 'If I go forward with this, this has to be challenging in another way,'" the creator explained. "And the challenge was going to be live-action. I wanted to resolve these things with [Ahsoka], but I wanted to do something new with it."

Filoni, who worked as a showrunner for Star Wars Rebels, also previously discussed the ongoing narrative of the characters from the animated series. He spoke on the story beats left unresolved by the show's finale, with the creator reacting to how some fans have begun to regard Ahsoka as Rebels' Season 5. "I suppose that's one way of looking at it, because of the epilogue that I did in Rebels," Filoni said. "Definitely all signs are indicating that there's a continuation. For me, when I'm telling those stories, I don't limit things like, 'Oh, well, I did it in animation, so I would do it distinctly different in live-action.' There's just the story that it is, and I was telling it in one medium."

Ahsoka After Star Wars Rebels

Filoni additionally revealed the titular Force-user of Ahsoka will have changed after the Rebelsfinale. He claimed the Ahsoka in the upcoming series was a "wanderer," who remained wary of large organizations due to her experiences with the Jedi Order. Filoni emphasized how this led Ahsoka to adopt a solitary lifestyle with very few people she could call friends, with the creator further hinting that Ahsoka's lonely path deeply affected her mentality in the eponymous series.

While the former Padawan might have changed since her departure from the Jedi Order, Filoni still believed Ahsoka remained a unique character in Star Wars. The creator previously explained how Ahsoka's link to Anakin Skywalker represented the past of the Star Warsgalaxy, while also presenting creators and fans with new opportunities to evolve the franchise. "I think that makes [Ahsoka] an interesting bridge between what came before and what's really possible," Filoni said.

Ahsoka premieres exclusively on Disney+ this August.

Source: Empire

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