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RUMOR: New Details About Wolverine's MCU Debut In Deadpool 3 Emerge


According to MyTimeToSHineHello on X, Deadpool 3 is about the Time Variance Authority (TVA) picking up prime versions of each superhero to create a multiversal army to fight the Kangs. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is recruited, but he's not entirely on board. However, per CanWeGetSomeToast, the primary focus of the film is still the Merc with a Mouth. His antics with Cable's time machine caught the attention of the Time Variance Authority, who took him prisoner. When Deadpool learns about the TVA's plan for a multiversal army, it motivates him to escape and convince Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to accompany him.

This information not only gives fans a glimpse into Logan's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it also offers a clear perspective on the direction the Multiverse Saga is taking. The extensive roster of rumored cameos in Deadpool 3 includes several cast members from 20th Century Fox's X-Men film series. Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and James Marsden are said to reprise their roles as X-Men members Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops, respectively. Additionally, there are rumors of Channing Tatum appearing as the X-Men character Gambit. The actor was previously cast as Gambit in a standalone film in 2014, but the project was shelved following Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox in 2019.

Shawn Levy's Insights on Deadpool 3 Cameos

Director Shawn Levy recently talked about how "easy" it was to convince some of the actors they've approached for cameos to join the cast of Deadpool 3." What blew my mind is how easy some of those cameos have been," Levy explained. "People love Deadpool. People love Ryan Reynolds. Thankfully, people also seem to like my work. They know that Ryan and I are in a groove of creative brotherhood that is unique and seems to be working," he added. Although the filmmaker remained tight-lipped about the specific cameo identities in Deadpool 3, he did confirm that some of the casting rumors are accurate while others are not.

Deadpool 3 recently received an encouraging production update amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. As talks to end the work stoppage continue, the highly anticipated threequel looks set to resume shooting in Jan. 2024. The upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster is around 50 percent complete, which all but confirms that it won't make its original premiere date in May 2024 despite Marvel Studios not making an official announcement about any changes. Based on its current timeline, the film could be completed as early as March 2024 before it enters post-production.

Deadpool 3 is currently scheduled to open in theaters on May 3, 2024.

Source: MyTimeToSHineHello and CanWeGetSomeToast on X

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