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RUMOR: Disney Wants to Bring Back Johnny Depp for Pirates 6 — But With a Catch

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Johnny Depp may end up returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise according to the latest rumors about the Disney-owned movie series.

After starring in five Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Johnny Depp said he'd been fired by Disney from his role in the franchise due to allegations made by ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp has since come out victorious in a defamation trial with Heard, vindicating the actor in the eyes of many. That has led to an immense fan demand for Depp to be brought back as Captain Jack Sparrow, though this conflicts with ongoing rumors that the franchise will be rebooted with a female lead. However, per film scooper Daniel Richtman, there's now consideration at Disney to bring back Depp for a planned Pirates of the Caribbean film, but this would only be for a supporting role, rather than featuring Captain Jack as the lead.

As of now, these rumors haven't been confirmed, and it's unclear if Depp really will be involved with the next Pirates of the Caribbean film. With that said, it wouldn't be a surprise for Depp to be brought back, even if it's for a limited capacity. While Disney may be wanting to move forward with new main characters to continue the franchise, featuring Depp's Captain Jack as a supporting character, or even in a special cameo appearance, could be seen as a bit of a compromise. Many fans have claimed on social media they'd refuse to watch another Pirates of the Caribbean film if Depp were not involved.

Would Johnny Depp Accept Disney's Offer to Return? 

One hurdle that may prevent a return would be Johnny Depp's interest. During the defamation trial, Depp said that he felt "betrayed" by Disney firing him from the role. He also testified that he would not be willing to work with Disney again as a result, even if he was offered "$300 million and a million alpacas." Of course, it's always possible that Depp could change his mind, now that the legal battle is behind him and he's been getting his career back on track.

As for what will happen next with the Pirates of the Caribbean series, there had long been reports that Margot Robbie was eyed to lead a reboot, though she has cast doubt on that project moving forward. More recently, it was reported that The Bear star Ayo Edebiri was wanted to potentially lead a new film for the franchise. This has not been verified by Edebiri or Disney as of this time.

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