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Nope Trailer, Plot & News to Know

The comedian turned Oscar-winning writer/filmmaker Jordan Peele returns with the third installation in his social thriller saga, bound to take the world by storm or a cluster of clouds with a kite tail attached. With Peele's unique dark comedy, social commentary and bone-thrilling obscurity weaved into horror, Nope is one of the most highly anticipated films in the summer of 2022.

What Will Nope Be About?

The recently released synopsis of Nope revealed more information, though still maintains its obscurity and secrecy: "Caretakers at a California horse ranch encounter a mysterious force that affects human and animal behavior." Peele's previous work has centered around social commentaries and thought-provoking observations about human conditions. The director has made clear since his debut of Get Out in 2017 that he envisioned his following projects to unmask human demons that "lurk underneath the way we interact with one another as human beings." In Get Out, he shed light on racially motivated anxiety from the perspective of a Black man in America, and in Us, he tackled economic inequality and division.

There are some speculations about Nope that revolves around "aliens" and paranormal," but the "mysterious force" that affects human and animal behaviors may not veer too far from home. "The discovery and the surprise of it is part of the fun," said Peele in his recent Q&A at CinemaCon. It seems that the one-of-a-kind artist has already been engaging with viewers long before the film hit the theater. A large portion of Nope will take place in the viewers' minds as they scream out, "Nope!" "This film is definitely a ride," Peele added, "The title speaks to the idea of being in tune with what the audience is thinking and feeling in the theater...We love horror, but there's skepticism."

Does Nope Have a Trailer?

The first teaser for Nope was dropped on Feb 8, 2022, followed by the official full-length trailer, released during Super Bowl 2022. Fans have suspected that the title, in all caps, stands for "Not Of Planet Earth" or "Not Our Planet Earth;" however, Peele hasn't commented directly on that theory. The filmmaker also revealed that an extended trailer would become available in the coming weeks, shedding more light on the storyline.

The Super Bowl trailer features several alien-indicating details (UFO, alien-looking dolls, clouds that suck everything into the sky). At the same time, the Western, retro-looking set suggests that Nope might take place in the past. Details revealed by Peele -- such as a flock of birds, air-filled balloons falling on the ground, lights going off as a strange, paranormal phenomenon appeared in the sky -- further address the drastic impact of a "mysterious force."

Universal Pictures released the final trailer for Nope on June 9, 2022. The final trailer confirms fans' early speculation of UFO's involvement in the film, revealing what was truly hiding behind the clouds. Aside from staying consistent with the residents' "looking up" motion continued from the official trailer, the final trailer took a step forward to the true horror Nope envisioned.

The sudden death of Otis Jr.'s and Emerald Haywood's father, Otis Sr., had the siblings question the true nature of his mysterious death and thus sent them on a quest to find out who or what was responsible. However, what they were seeking might be right on the hunt for them. A UFO-shaped object seemingly chased and pranked the residents around town, plotting more unexplainable phenomena. The final trailer showed blood pouring from the window while something was hovering above the sky, shifting viewers' focus from alien-theme to blood-filled mystery. However, knowing Peele from his previous work, what was in the last trailer could also be the tip of the iceberg.

Peele is a filmmaker who made his name through unconventional storytelling and social commentary. Therefore, it's reasonable to expect Peele to tackle topics like unexplained phenomena, conspiracy theories and unsolved missing cases in his upcoming movie. Nope might also continue the conversation of race in Us and Get Out. As addressed at the beginning of Nope's trailer, the first short motion picture was a two-second video of a Black man riding a horse: James and Jill Haywood, the only Black horse trainers in Hollywood.

Will Nope Be Filmed With IMAX?

Rest assured by the Oscar-award-winning writer/director, Nope will bring a new horror sensation to the cinema. Selected sequences on Nope were shot in 65mm in IMAX, which will make up for a more immersive viewing experience. Peele also revealed that the cameras allowed him to "capture footage unlike anything before" and use "new techniques never seen before."

Who Is In Nope's Cast?

Nope will see the reunion between Jordan Peele and Get Out's lead actor Daniel Kaluuya as James Haywood. Comedy-drama actor Keke Palmer will appear alongside Kaluuya as Jill Haywood. Peele's past collaborator Acamedy Award nominee Steven Yeun from The Twilight Zone will be starring as Brian; however, fans may remember him from his most defined role as Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead.

The cast of supporting roles will include Euphoria's Barbie Ferrera as Danielle, The OA alum Brandon Perea as Kevin and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves actor Michael Wincott as Craig.

What Is Nope's Release Date?

Nope is set to release on July 22, 2022, exclusively in theaters. As a Universal Pictures film, it would presumably become available on VOD 16 days after its initial release date (around Aug 1). Since Universal Pictures moved its pay-one window from HBO to Peacock last year, the film will likely become available exclusively on Peacock 45 days after the theatrical release. However, Universal Pictures has yet to confirm this.

What's Next from Jordan Peele?

There will be another film written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele after Nope, according to the five-year exclusive production partnership between Universal Pictures, Jordan Peele and his Monkeypaw Productions. Under the exclusive deal, Universal will develop Peele's following two films after Us (2019).

Jordan Peele's next post-Nope project will be Wendell & Wild (scripted by Henry Selic and Jordan Peele), an upcoming American stop-motion animated dark fantasy comedy horror film directed by Selic. The film is slated for October 2022 on Netflix.

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