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Moon Knight Trailer Has MCU Fans Infatuated With Oscar Isaac’s Marvel Hero

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can't stop talking about Moon Knight following the debut of the series' first official trailer.

The Disney+ show is already building a dedicated following after the release of the extended teaser. Focusing on protagonist Stephen Grant (Oscar Isaac) and his waning mental stability, the trailer sets a much darker tone than most other MCU productions. Throughout the video, Stephen is plagued by waking nightmares of a terrible monster, one that seemingly wishes to do him harm. Constantly battling with the voices in his head, the sleepless hero is possessed by a strange, hooded entity that fans will no doubt recognize as the titular Moon Knight. Audiences were immediately enthralled by the trailer, flocking to social media to express their excitement.

Moon Knight will follow Stephen as he comes to terms with the discovery that he has dissociative identity disorder, sharing a body with Marc Spector, a ruthless mercenary. As the two try to navigate their situation, they are challenged by a variety of sinister foes as they become embroiled in a mystery surrounding the gods of Egypt. Ethan Hawke, who appears in the trailer, is set to star as one of the series' villains although his actual character is still unknown.

Speaking to his role as Marc Spector, Isaac noted that the decision to join the cast of Moon Knight was one of the best risks he's ever taken. "I found so much room to do things that I've never done before and had been curious about and wanting to do. I could not wait to get to set, and it was the biggest workload I've ever had in my career and most challenging; by the sheer amount of stuff we had to do in eight months, and even yet, I couldn't wait to get to set and work."

Speaking to the show's darker tone and themes, director Mohamed Diab said, "My movies are hard, serious and about big topics, and I feel strongly that Moon Knight is going to be like that — it’s going to be entertainment but also heavy," Diab said. "At the same time, we’re being so creative with the jokes and with the action. As I keep saying to my wife: I can’t believe I’m funny in another language!"

Moon Knight premieres on Disney+ on March 30.

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