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Marvel Studios' Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Gets First Logo

Your Nerd Side Show with Fonseca:

The first logo for Marvel Animation's upcoming animated series, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, has been unveiled.

The official Disney website recently updated its landing page for the upcoming animated series, which was originally announced back in 2021 as Spider-Man: Freshman Year. The landing page now includes the logo for Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, which is similar to the one Marvel previously released for Freshman Year. The Marvel Animation logo, which debuted in the X-Men '97 trailer, is also visible above the title of the upcoming show.

Although part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Manwill take place in an alternate reality in which Peter Park was mentored by Norman Osborn instead of Tony Stark. The animated series will also change up Peter's friendships, with Runaways member Nico Minoru, as well as Lonnie Lincoln, Amadeus Cho, Pearl Pangan, Jean Foucault, and Harry Osborn, replacing Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones-Watson as the titular Webslinger's best friends.

Who Is Voicing Spider-Man? 

Tom Holland is not expected to voice Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming series, which will reportedly be animated in a style that "celebrates the character’s early comic book roots." This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to the MCU fandom as the actor also didn't voice the web-slinger in What If...?, with Hudson Thames lending his voice to Spider-Man in the episode, "What If... Zombies?!" While Marvel Studios has not officially announced who will be voicing the title superhero, Thames is listed on the registration record for the show in the U.S. Copyright Office Public Records System as the voice of Peter Parker.

What's the Latest on Spider-Man 4? 

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man isn't the only Spider-Man-related project currently in the works at Marvel Studios. The company is also developing a fourth live-action Spider-Man movie with Sony Pictures, which will feature the return of Holland in the title role. While plot details remain under wraps, insider Daniel Richtman recently reported that Sony and Marvel are at odds over where to take the character next, with the former wanting another "huge" multiverse adventure and the latter wanting a grounded adventure.

Richtman also mentioned that Wilson Fisk/Kingpin is set to appear in Spider-Man 4, but Vincent D'Onofrio has not yet entered talks to reprise the role. This tracks with previous rumors stating that the sequel would tie into the events of Marvel's upcoming Disney+ series, Daredevil: Born Again. Daredevil and Ant-Man are also being thrown around as two MCU superheroes that could appear in Spider-Man 4, presumably in a mentor role similar to the one Iron Man and Doctor Strange had with Holland's Peter Parker in Homecoming and No Way Home, respectively.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is expected to premiere on Disney+ in 2024.

Source: Disney

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