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Marvel Introduces a New, Military-Themed Sorcerer Supreme

Marvel revealed the next Sorcerer Supreme, and they are a literal blast from the past.

In an announcement for the upcoming A.X.E.: Judgment Day crossover event by writer Kieron Gillen (Eternals, Young Avengers) and artist Valerio Schiti (Fantastic Four, BlackPanther), Marvel indicated three upcoming comics as being of prime importance in the buildup towards the next big event. While the X-Men and Eternals' roles in the conflict will be explained in their own respective titles, Earth's Mightiest Heroes are set to undergo a startling makeover in the pages of Avengers #57 by writer Jason Aaron (Thor, King Conan) and artist Javier Garron (Batgirl: Futures End, Miles Morales: Spider-Man). Apart from Avengers mainstays Tony Stark and Carol Danvers, a slew of time-displaced heroes can be seen on the issue's main cover by Garron, including the Sorcerer Supreme of World War II.

The Sorcerer Supreme has been an important concept in the Marvel Universe ever since Doctor Strange's very first appearance in "Doctor Strange Master of Black Magic!" by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko from 1963's Strange Tales #10. While Doctor Strange has become the most iconic Sorcerer Supreme over the years, that title is one he inherited from the Ancient One. It's also a title that stretches back thousands of years, with the first known Sorcerer Supreme being Agamotto himself. While each era has had its own Master of the Mystic Arts take up the mantle, the upcoming Avengers #57 will be the first that readers have seen of the Sorcerer Supreme of World War II.

Sporting military garb and what appears to be a staff reshaped into an enchanted rifle, this new Sorcerer Supreme certainly looks the part both as a soldier and mage. So far, details surrounding the character and his fellow time-traveling heroes are scant, though Marvel has promised the team known as History's Mightiest Heroes will come together to battle the threat of Mephisto. This comes as no surprise after Mephisto has been the source of many of the Avengers' biggest problems over the course of Jason Aaron's run on the series, as well as masterminding the reality-warping events of 2021's Heroes Reborn.

Avengers #57





  • The Avengers are lost in time, and if they’re going to stop Mephisto’s grand plan, they’ll need help from some of history’s greatest heroes, whose stories have never been told. Like the mystical man of war, Sgt. Szardos, Soldier Supreme of World War II, and his squadron of supernatural grunts, the Secret Invaders.

  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Readers can follow the explosive story of World War II's Sorcerer Supreme when Avengers #57, written by Jason Aaron, illustrated by Nic Klein, colored by David Curiel and lettered by Cory Petit, goes on sale on June 22.

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