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Loki Season 2 Earns an Expected TV Rating

the second season of the Disney+ series might venture into darker territory.

According to The Direct, Loki Season 2 has been rated TV-14, which is the same rating Season 1 received back in 2021. The second season of What If...? also landed a TV-14 rating. Almost all of Marvel Studios' Disney+ series have been rated TV-14, essentially PG-13 for television, except for Ms. Marvel and I Am Groot, which received TV-PG ratings since they were aimed at younger audiences. Marvel is expected to debut its first TV-MA show with the animated series Marvel Zombies.

Not much is known about Loki Season 2, which will once again star Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief. Loki's Season 1 finale saw the titular character and his female variant Sylvie meet He Who Remains, a Kang the Conqueror variant. Sylvie ended up killing He Who Remains before sending Loki back to Time Variance Authority headquarters. Despite initially appearing to be the same TVA, Loki learned that his colleagues B-15 and Mobius no longer recognized him with the finale teasing that a new Kang variant was now in charge of the TVA instead of He Who Remains.

Loki Set Photos Have Teased Potential Storylines

With Season 2 having been filming since June 2022, set photos have leaked online that hint at where Loki is heading in its sophomore run. Sylvie actor Sophia Di Martino has been spotted filming in a retro McDonald's uniform from the 1970s outside a period-appropriate McDonald's restaurant set, suggesting that the new season will once again visit different points in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. A set video has also shown Hiddleston's Loki, in his Season 1 TVA uniform, battling an invisible threat that will most likely be enhanced with CGI. Set photos have also hinted that Season 2 might see Owen Wilson's Mobius M. Mobius finally own and ride a jet ski.

Filmmaking duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead directed the majority of Loki Season 2, after impressing Marvel with their work on Moon Knight. All six episodes were written by Eric Martin, who took over as head writer on Loki from Michael Waldron, who remains attached as an executive producer.

Loki Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+. Season 2 does not yet have an official release date, but is expected to arrive in Summer 2023 as part of the MCU's Phase 5 slate.

Source: The Direct

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