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Loki Is at the Center of Marvel’s Dark New What If…? Series

Loki is about to take control of Asgard and plunge the Marvel Universe into darkness in the publisher's new What If...? Dark series.

Revealed in Marvel's solicitations for July 2022, What If...? Dark: Loki #1 comes from writer Walter Simonson and artist Scot Eaton. The upcoming one-shot will see Loki take complete control of Asgard, while Simonson's cover also sees Thor's adopted brother wielding Mjolnir. The synopsis for the one-shot reads, "Walter Simonson returns to his illustrious run on THOR…but this time, Loki’s in charge! A tale of one of Asgard’s worst days – and one of Loki’s best."

What If...? Dark is About to Kill Spider-Man

Originally announced in March 2023, What If...Dark? is a new series of one-shots from a number of different creators that put ominous spins on fan-favorite Marvel storylines and characters. Also releasing in July 2023 is What If...? Dark: Spider-Gwen from writers Gerry Conway and Jody Houser and artist Ramon Bachs. The one-shot will take the iconic "The Night Gwen Stacy Died" storyline from 1973 (by Conway, Gil Kane, John Romita Sr., Tony Mortellaro and Artie Simek) and reimagines it so that Peter Parker/Spider-Man dies and Gwen Stacy lives. Releasing July 19, 2023, the synopsis for What If...? Dark: Spider-Gwenreads, "Spider-Legend Gerry Conway returns to his most famous Spider-Story for this WHAT IF along with co-writer Jody Houser! WHAT IF Gwen Stacy didn't die on the bridge that day, but Spider-Man DID?! 'Nuff said, I presume!"

In addition to his new What If...? Dark story, Loki is also about to star in his own miniseriesfrom writer Dan Watters and artist Germán Peralta. Launching in June 2023, Loki will see the titular character embark on a quest to retrieve a number of important artifacts scattered across the universe. Marvel previously teased of the miniseries, "This exciting new chapter for the God of Stories will introduce a collection of ancient Norse weapons Loki crafted in his mischievous past. When they’re scattered throughout the realms, including Nidavellir, Kree space, and Earth, Loki must track them down to prevent them falling into the wrong hands. Throughout this twisting journey, readers will see Loki go head-to-head with iconic Marvel villains, provoke Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and be forced to confront the dark truth that lies at his center."

What If...Dark: Loki #1 features variant cover art by Gabriele Dell'Otto. The issue releases on July 5, 2023, from Marvel.

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