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Halloween Special - The Ryde Hotel part 01


Part 1

Fonseca joins the Napa City Ghosts and Legends walking tours with Ellen MacFarlane and Devin Sisk they take the show into the speak easy, lounge and hotel where sightings have been seen and heard.

This year they take on a tour of the Ryde Hotel located in Walnut Grove, Ca. Operating at the height of the prohibition Era, “Hotel Ryde” became notorious and surely enshrouded by a veil of exciting mystery. These days were not long lived. Three early raids on the Speakeasy discouraged business in the the late 20’s and a fourth, in 1930 led to the tunnel being sealed over forever and the bootleg booze went down the drain, both figuratively and factually speaking. While dinners were still served in the main dinning room, the hotel trade dwindled and the elegance faded. The lively riverboats, in time disappeared from the river taking with them much of the color and enchantment. The hotel was reduced to a dwelling place for migrant workers. The casino beneath became a massive storeroom where mounds of junk mingled with pieces of lovely imported furniture, boxes of small demitasse cups and other treasures, all growing moldy and dusty, guarding their well kept secrets from out of the past.

So in Part one we caught some sounds here they are alone...

Sound one - Get Out

Get Out Sound
Download MP3 • 247KB

Sound two - Play with me

Download MP3 • 124KB

Listen to what I hear and find in this haunted location and what happens to me!


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