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DC Debuts New, Female Version of a MAJOR Green Lantern Villain

The following contains major spoilers for Multiversity: Teen Justice #1, available now from DC Comics.

DC's Teen Justice Team will go up against a gender-swapped version of Sinestro, a major Green Lantern villain, in their new series.

Multiversity: Teen Justice #1 comes from writers Ivan Cohen and Danny Lore, artist Marco Failla, colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini and letterer Carlos M. Mangual. In the issue, Earth-11's Teen Justice team is looking into the Church of Blood, which a purple-haired character named Gigi has been initiated into by the hooded Sister Blood. At the end of Multiversity: Teen Justice #1, Sister Blood removes her hood and reveals herself to be a female version of Sinestro, whose name in this universe is "Sinestra."

Sinestra doesn't appear to be working alone, either. Accompanying her is what appears to be a female version of Kilowog, who is working on some sort of device for likely sinister purposes. "I've almost finished adapting the S.T.A.R. code from those mercenaries," Kilowog tells Sinestra about the device. "It should just be a few more hours."

Created by John Broome and Gil Kane, Sinestro is a major Green Lantern antagonist who first appeared in 1961's Green Lantern #7. Sinestro was formerly a member of the Green Lantern Corps before he was kicked out for abusing his power. He then developed his own yellow power ring and formed his own Sinestro Corps/Yellow Lantern Corps whose power comes from fear.

Kilowog was created by Steve Englehart and Joe Staton, first appearing in 1986's Green Lantern Corps #201. The alien character is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, himself, and the primary trainer of the Corps' new recruits. Kilowog was the first trainer to ever work with Hal Jordan.

Sinestra and Kilowog aren't the only gender-swapped characters inhabiting Earth-11. Multiversity: Teen Justice also stars a male Raven who made his first appearance in DC Pride 2022 #1. Other members of the Teen Justice team include Kid Quick/Jess Chambers, Aquagirl/Jacqui Hyde, Klarienne, Supergirl/Laurel Kent, Robin/Talia Kane and Troy/Donald Troy. The second issue of the series goes on sale July 5 and further sees the team of heroes dive deeper into their investigation of the Church of Blood.

Multiversity: Teen Justice #1 features cover art by Robbi Rodriguez with variant cover art by Stephanie Hans, Stephen Byrne, Bengal, Failla and Angiolini. The issue is on sale now from DC.

Source: DC

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