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Boba Fett Just Upgraded His Arsenal - and It Was Disgusting

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett "Chapter 2: The Tribes of Tatooine,” streaming now on Disney+.

One of the things that has made Boba Fett such an alluring character in the Star Wars lore is his cadre of weapons. From his iconic jet-pack to signature ship to his grappling hooks, blasters, flame throwers and rocket launchers, fans have reveled in how badass he's been for decades, which is why they're soaking it all in once more as his evolution continues in The Book of Boba Fett. And as the series further explores his hidden backstory, the latest episode just upgraded Boba's arsenal, but with a very disgusting twist.

Boba's bonding with the Tusken Raiders, becoming more engrained in the tribe. They're finally seeing him as one of them, leading to the chief training him in the art of combat. Boba, though, can't contend with their unique wood-metal staffs, mystified by the art and skill needed to wield it.

However, Fett's style proved to be worthy in terms of gunslinging as he helped them stop the Pykes' train in a high-octane hijacking, garnering the Tuskens food, water, spice and other goodies. It led to them officially inducting him via a unique ceremony where they offered him a gift: a pet lizard.

But in a nasty moment, as dust was blown into Boba Fett's face, the lizard jumped through his nostril and into his brain as a "guide." It was meant to bring clarity and peace to his mind, and while viewers didn't see it burrowing through his skull, the effects were well felt as Boba started to hallucinate about his past -- and seemingly, the future.

Entranced by this psychological treatment, a pained Boba then embarked on a journey of self-discovery in the desert, finding a tree and breaking a branch off before returning to the commune. There, the lizard jumped back out as its job was done in one of Star Wars' grossest moments. That said, it helped Boba find purpose, and as such, he worked with the forge master to shave the branch into his own spear, melding it with sharp metal and fortifying in a revered ritual.

Boba clearly appreciated the time, honor and overall code of the craftsmanship, aiding the forge master and eventually, finishing off the weapon himself. Draped in black cloth and ending things by engraving the piece, he was officially a Tusken, dancing into the night at the fireside with everyone chanting.

The episode ended there, and while Fett -- a man who loved tech, as seen when he stole speeders for the tribe to use -- understands how war needs modern tools, it's clear he held this spear in a more powerful light. It's connected to his soul, reminding viewers of the Beskar spears in The Mandalorian, and became Boba's True North in and out of the battlefield due to its connection with his secret family.

To see Boba in action with his new spear, new episodes of The Book of Boba Fett are available on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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