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Avatar Generations Launch Trailer Announces the RPG's Immediate Release

Avatar Generations has officially arrived on mobile devices, far sooner than anyone expected.

The highly-anticipated mobile RPG has released a 50-second clip featuring familiar faces from Avatar: The Last Airbender engaged in various battles throughout Avatar Generations. As seen in the short video, the free-to-play title highlights all four elements, with Katara, Zuko, Aang and Toph at the forefront. The trailer also includes Korra, Master Pakku and Suki. Avatar Generations allows players to create their very own Team Avatar and embark on an adventure across the Four Nations. At the end of the clip, Avatar Generations drops a massive bombshell, revealing a launch date of Jan. 31 - today.

Avatar Generations Excites Last Airbender Fans

Earlier this year, Avatar Generations published its first gameplay trailer, which featured Aang and Zuko taking on a group of Fire Nation soldiers. The video also highlighted the tactical RPG's turn-based combat sequences and the animations featured for each elemental bending style. Additionally, the game allows players to revisit classic locations from ATLA and supporting characters. "Players will relive the classic adventure of Aang and his friends while battling powerful enemies, upgrading heroes, and mastering the elements to bring balance to the spiritual and physical world," wrote Crystal Dynamics Eidos Entertainment.

Despite the exciting opportunity to play as Aang in the franchise's first open-world RPG, Avatar Generations may have also teased the next Avatar. As seen in the official artwork for the upcoming game, an image of a medallion features Korra and a mysterious second person. On Twitter, @AirSpeedPrime claimed the picture was one of the Summon Ticket Icons in Avatar Generations. Others pointed out that the unidentified profile resembled Jet, the former leader of a group of rebels in the original Nickelodeon series.

Avatar Generations Might Hint at the Next Earth Avatar

However, some fans identified the unnamed individual as the next Earth Avatar. Alongside the possible teaser, a December 2022 report suggested that The Legend of Korra could receive a sequel series. Expected to premiere sometime in 2025, the untitled Earth Avatar show could receive an animated movie after the series' release date. In the same year, ATLA will air its Gaang film, its first feature-length movie, to mark the first of many scheduled projects for Avatar Studios.

In addition to animated material, Netflix has a live-action adaptation of the Nickelodeon show in the works. While Netflix's take on ATLA introduces many new faces, including Elizabeth Yu as Princess Azula and Maria Zhang as Suki, the series cast one actor as a familiar running gag character. In September 2022, James Sie, the voice actor behind the Cabbage Merchant, confirmed his involvement in the live-action show. Fans will be very, VERY happy," Sie wrote alongside an image of himself wearing a shirt with the caption, "World Famous Ba Sing Se Cabbage."

Avatar Generations is available now on iOS and Android devices as a free-to-play title.

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