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Arthur Adams' cover to the oversized milestone issue of Amazing Spider-Man #75 continues the Marvel

Cover art by Arthur Adams for the oversized milestone issue of Amazing Spider-Man #75 continues to tease the web-slinger's death.

Adams' cover features Mary Jane sitting next to a very injured Spider-Man as he lays in a medical bed. Mary Jane's face is in her left hand, as she holds Spider-Man's wrist with her right hand. Peter Parker is very worse for wear, with his arms and shoulder bandaged up and a breathing device on the lower part of his face. An almost broken spider web dangles from the top of the cover down to his bed's headrest.

Arthur Adams will be the cover artist for the new "Beyond" era of Amazing Spider-Man with interior art from Patrick Gleason, Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli (her first time working on Amazing Spider-Man) and Michael Dowling (Black Cat).

"When we started building 'Beyond' we knew we had to pull out all the stops from the artistic side. That began with making sure Patrick Gleason was with us from the get-go as a writer AND an artist," editor Nick Lowe said. "His recent webhead covers have rocked the industry showing yet another element to the incredible career that we all saw on display during his run on Amazing Spider-Man. He quickly stepped up to be our artistic cornerstone, but we also needed to make sure that whoever else joined him were elite talents."

"Sara Pichelli is an absolute legend, creating some of the most impactful work of the last ten years. It's crazy to think this will be her first time drawing Amazing Spider-Man, and she's already blown us away with her masterful work," Lowe added. "Michael Dowling's work on Unfollow and other works got him hired for Black Cat, but his work there showed us that he would be an absolute superstar, and his issues are already blowing our minds. And then, to be able to land Arthur Adams as our cover artist. I mean, from his classic X-Men Annuals to today, Arthur has defined the Marvel Universe visually as much as almost anyone. So to have him here? I'm beyond excited. And wait until we reveal the rest of our all-star roster!"


  • Written by ZEB WELLS



  • Wraparound Cover by ARTHUR ADAMS

  • Webhead Variant Cover by PATRICK GLEASON

  • On Sale 10/6!

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