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Andor Creator Debunks 'Nihilistic' Fan Theory About the Prison: 'We're Not That Dark'

The following contains spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 10, "One Way Out," now streaming on Disney+.

Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy recently debunked an especially bleak theory about the show's three-episode prison arc.

Gilroy shot down a popular online hypothesis regarding the true nature of the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex inmates' factory floor routine in an interview with Collider. "I heard one theory," he said. "Someone said, 'My daughter sent me something [that said] they're building something in the next room, and then [Cassian and his cellmates are] taking it apart," which is not true. It's totally nihilistic. I go, 'We're not that dark.' I guess we'll figure it out. Yeah. Yeah. To be seen." While Gilroy dismissed this particular theory about the prison factory's function, other lines of conjecture (including a possible connection to the Death Star) still remain open.

Gilroy's comments indicate that fans might get an answer to the question of what exactly was going down on Narkina 5 before Andor's two-season run wraps up. That day is edging ever closer, with 10 of the Disney+ series' initial 12-episode batch already released. Gilroy recently promised that Andor Season 1 will end on a high, dispelling concerns that difficulty bringing together the show's sprawling cast of characters could hurt the season finale. He added that he's aiming to make the first season's final two episodes the "most powerful" yet, promising that they will deliver both physical and emotional catharsis.

What's In Store for Star Wars Fans in Andor S2?

Gilroy also hinted at what fans can expect from Andor Season 2, confirming that the narrative will include several time jumps spanning four years in total. The showrunner also described the second season as "very different" from the first, noting that the show's focus would no longer be on Cassian Andor's transformation into a revolutionary. "[Andor Season 2's] about learning to be a leader and how difficult it is to put the alliance together and what happens to people who are the original gangsters versus the establishment and a lot of other issues... I'm hoping what we're gonna do in the second half [of the series] will make the meal feel really satisfying," Gilroy said.

Gilroy's willingness to experiment with time jumps and a more adult-oriented tone on Andor has set the series apart from other entries in the Star Wars saga, and the showrunner is keen for others to follow his lead. He expressed his hopes for the franchise's future in a recent interview, saying that storytellers taking risks as Andor has would be "the coolest thing."

New episodes of Andor Season 1 arrive on Disney+ on Wednesdays.

Source: Collider

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