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A Major Last of Us Part 2 Actor Has an Obvious Cameo in the Season 1 Finale

The following contains spoilers for The Last of Us Season 1, Episode 9, "Look for the Light," now streaming on HBO and HBO Max.

Creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann of HBO's The Last of Us recently revealed the season finale included not just two, but three cameos featuring voice actors from the video games.

The Wrap confirmed that Laura Bailey, who voiced The Last of Us Part II's Abby Anderson, appeared in "Look for the Light" as a nurse during the infamous hospital sequence adaptation. According to Mazin, the decision to include Bailey "was kind of late along and Merle [Dandrige] was back to play Marlene…and Laura and Merle are great friends, and we were like 'I mean, you want to be a nurse?' and she was like 'Yeah.' It was just this fun thing."

Druckmann, who co-created the first Last of Us with Bruce Straley and directed Part II, also confirmed that, since Bailey voiced a nurse in the game, "It just felt kind of like 'Okay, we gotta get you in there somewhere in this season." The duo then teased her character playing a larger role in Season 2, with Mazin noting, "I mean, she's got a mask on so we can make her anything we want in the next season."

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Furthermore, the opening flashback sequence of "Look for the Light" starred Ellie voice actor Ashley Johnson as the character's birth mother Anna. This flashback -- inspired by an unused story Druckmann wrote for the 2013 game -- explored Ellie's birth and the source of her Cordyceps immunity, as well Marlene's history with Anna prior to her death.

Other notable Last of Us voice actor cameos this season included Joel actor Troy Baker as David in the episode, "When We Are in Need," as well as Tommy actor Jeffrey Pierce as Perry in "Please Hold to My Hand" and "Endure and Survive."

Though star Pedro Pascal suggested Season 2 may begin filming later this year, an official production date has not been announced. Season 2 will likely cover Part II's events and, while Druckmann and Mazin haven't revealed their new cast yet, fans floated The Wilds' Shannon Berry as a potential choice for live-action Abby.

The Last of Us Season 1 is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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